WWE TLC 2011: 10 Matches We Should See at Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: 10 Matches We Should See at Tables, Ladders and Chairs

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    This Sunday, WWE presents its third annual TLC pay-per-view live from Baltimore, Md., in what will be the company's final pay-per-view of 2011. As of now, only six matches are advertised, with four of them being contested for a title and John Cena shockingly not included in any of them.

    As of this writing, there has been no confirmation that the 10-time WWE Champion will be present at the show tomorrow night, but rather strong speculation amongst the IWC that he will be.

    Nonetheless, WWE has done a decent job in recent weeks in making this feel like an exciting pay-per-view, despite the fact that officials backstage aren't confident the show will have a strong buy-rate.

    Unlike last year, not every match on the card will be given a special stipulation, where only one Tables Match, one Chairs Match, one Ladder Match, and one TLC Match will be contested respectively.

    With that being said, there's no doubt in my mind that at least a few more matches are added to the lacking card in order to kill time in the three-hour block.

    Here, I present to you 10 matches I'd love to see transpire at WWE TLC, consisting of contests already confirmed and other bouts I'm hoping to see come to fruition Sunday night. 

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

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    Ironically enough, the last time Randy Orton and Wade Barrett were engaged in rivalry was only a short year ago, but it was more focused around the John Cena saga rather than the WWE Championship itself. This time around, Orton seeks redemption after Barrett's numerous attempts to one-up the Viper at every turn.

    After last eliminating Orton in the traditional five-on-five blockbuster tag team match at Survivor Series last month, the vindictive Englishman has seemed to prove to the WWE Universe that the Barrett Barrage is indeed legitimate.

    Both rivals came up short of emerging victorious in their respective bouts at last year's TLC event, especially since Orton was put through a table last year not only once, but twice.

    With that being said, will the Apex Predator prove the naysayers wrong by putting an end to the Barrett Barrage, or will Barrett take the next step in becoming the first ever British World Heavyweight Champion?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder for the United States Championship

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    Over the past three months, former friends Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler have been involved in a heated rivalry over the United States Championship. Ryder has already received two previous shots at the belt before, but to no avail due to outside interference.

    After defeating the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry with help from John Cena, Ryder will contend for the prestigious championship one last time against the bleached-blonde Superstar in what is believed to be his final chance at the gold.

    Although I would have loved to this feud culminate in a Ladder Match, there's no question that this contest has to be the most intriguing bout on the card with its tremendous build-up and the amazing athletes involved.

    Will Zack Ryder finally take home his first singles championship in WWE, or will Dolph Ziggler once again prove why he is the greatest U.S. Champion of all time?

Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship

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    For the past few weeks, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes has taken an interest in making Booker T's life a living hell after being talked about in a manner he did not appreciate over commentary.

    Although Booker at first had no intentions of stepping back in the ring, he has been forced to in order to deal with Rhodes once and for all.

    Before last week's Friday Night SmackDown broadcast went on air, the second-generation star ambushed Booker from behind while making his way down to the announce table.

    From there, the former five-time WCW Champion has vowed to not only silence Cody Rhodes, but to walk away from TLC as the new Intercontinental Champion in the process.

    Does Booker T have what it takes to finally put Cody Rhodes in his place, or will his performance at TLC prove to be for one night only?

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash in a Sledgehammer Ladder Match

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    Four months ago, Kevin Nash made a shocking return to the WWE at the conclusion of the SummerSlam pay-per-view, attacking WWE Champion CM Punk and thus causing him to drop the strap to Alberto Del Rio moments later.

    Since then, Nash's vengeful intentions have focused more on former friend Triple H rather than Punk, with their friendship coming to an abrupt end at Vengeance back in October.

    The following night, the Game's prone neck suffered further damage due to an attack from Nash with a sledgehammer, sidelining HHH from action for a total of seven weeks. 

    Just this past Monday night, the Game made his return to Raw with a powerful message to Kevin Nash, exclaiming that his signature sledgehammer will be used to put an end to the nWo entrepreneur.

    Of all the matches advertised for the TLC card, this contest has to be the least intriguing given the slow workers involved. The Ladder match stipulation is not only overbooked, but will only prove to be an absolute train wreck of a contest.

    Nonetheless, will the King of Kings win his first match in nearly a year and a half, or will it be Nash who reigns supreme in the clash of the two former Kliq members?

Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a Chairs Math for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July, reigning World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry soundly defeated Big Show and went to destroy the ankle of the giant thereafter.

    During Show's absence from action, the World Strongest Man captured the World Heavyweight Championship this past fall and decimate anyone who questioned his methods.

    Upon Big Show's return to WWE in early October, he immediately set his sights on Henry's title, competing for the prestigious belt at the Vengeance and Survivor Series events, but was unsuccessful in both attempts.

    At TLC, the World's Largest Athlete looks to capture his first World Championship in nearly nine years, but not at Henry's expense. With dangerous steel chairs surrounding the ring, which Goliath will walk out as the most dominant monster in the WWE today? 

CM Punk vs. Miz vs. Del Rio in a TLC Match for the WWE Championship

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    Last month at Survivor Series, CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio to capture his second WWE Championship in Madison Square Garden. The following night, Punk promised to bring back change to the WWE and make the prestigious title interesting again.

    However, earlier that evening, The Miz shockingly turned on his tag team partner R-Truth, foreshadowing a new edge to his cocky character. A few weeks later, both Miz and Del Rio qualified for the WWE Championship match for the December pay-per-view.

    With the match being contested under TLC rules, anything is bound to happen when these three egomaniacs collide when the belt hanging high above the ring.

    Although it may be a bit predictable that Punk will successfully retain tomorrow night, the match quality is the aspect of this bout that I'm certainly looking forward to given the chemistry between the precipitants.

    Will the Straightedge Superstar's reign of reality continue well into 2012, or will either Del Rio or Miz walk away with the strap and the bragging rights?

Sheamus vs. Brodus Clay

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    Since Christian sustained an injury last month, Sheamus has had absolutely no motivation in recent weeks without a credible opponent to face. This will be the first time since September that Sheamus hasn't been booked for a pay-per-view match, leaving many to question whether he'll end up being featured at all.

    Coincidentally, Brodus Clay has found himself screwed over numerous times over the past two months by not debuting on Monday Night Raw despite the numerous vignettes.

    The former NXT rookie has amazing potential, but has been victim to a number of Raw rewrites that his debut has continued to be pushed back to the point where all anticipation has been lost.

    Two years ago, Sheamus became the next big thing by defeating a top star in John Cena. If the same could be done with Clay defeating Sheamus in a major upset this time around, the future would no doubt be bright for the former bodyguard of Alberto Del Rio.  

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Eve for the Divas Championship

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    For the first time since Capitol Punishment, the Divas Championship will not be defended on pay-per-view due to not being advertised as of now. Although I'm sure not many people will care anyways, it would be nice to include the Divas on the TLC card in some fashion.

    Two weeks ago on Raw, Kelly Kelly pinned Divas Champion Beth Phoenix for the millionth time with a roll-up during a tag team match on Raw. Just this past week, Phoenix interrupted Kelly's Slammy Award celebration, but was subsequently met with a forceful slap instead.

    Logically, this would mean we'd be treated with another match between Phoenix and Kelly over the Divas title, right?

    Hopefully, I'm wrong and they mix up the title picture by adding in all four Divas instead of another singles bout, possibly foreshadowing tension between Natalya and Phoenix down the line.

Air Boom vs. Primo and Epico for the WWE Tag Team Championships

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    Over the past few weeks on WWE Superstars, Primo has joined forces with his cousin Epico as well as the lovely Rosa Mendes to set his sights back on the WWE Tag Team Championships he once held.

    Primo picked up his first singles victory in a long while by defeating Kofi Kingston, with Epico defeating the returning Evan Bourne as well.

    The newly formed tandem of Epico and Primo were able to defeat the WWE Tag Team Champions twice this week, which signifies how much they deserve a shot at the straps.

    The commentators were quick to make note of it, and rumors have been floating all weekend as to whether this inevitable title bout will be taking place or not.

John Cena vs. Kane

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    For weeks now, it's been highly speculated as to how John Cena would be involved in TLC due to not being featured in any major story-line until WrestleMania 28.

    At one point, Cena was scheduled to take part in the WWE Championship TLC Match, but was later removed due to relinquishing his spot in order to accommodate Zack Ryder.

    This past Monday night at the conclusion of the Slammy Awards, John Cena was ambushed by the returning masked Kane, caught completely by surprise with a devastating chokeslam.

    Although Cena has taken it to Twitter in the last few days by stating he will indeed not be present at the event, my gut feeling is still somewhat strong that Cena will featured in one way or another.

    After this week's house shows, it appears that a Cena/Kane rivalry is certainly in the books in the near future until at least the Road to WrestleMania. A premiere match between the two kicking off at TLC could be the star power this show needs to make it memorable.

    Are there any other matches you'd like to see added to the TLC card? Drop a comment below regarding your thoughts on tomorrow's event, and as always, your overall feedback is greatly appreciated.

    GSM out.

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