Oakland Raiders Win Final Two Games of the Season, Looking Good

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IDecember 30, 2008

Thing is, it didn't matter at all. But it is nice to now that the team found a way to come together in the last to games...But only to finish 5-11. Of course, that's better than ending the season on a bad note and going 3-13. Unless you're already looking forward to the draft.

The first of the two was the last home game for 2008, in which the Raiders beat the Houston Texans, 27-16, giving Raider fans an early Christmas present. They did all this in a blacked-out game, BTW.

Some stars of the game


Mario Henderson.

Coming into the game, Mario Williams (DE) was on his way to the pro bowl and had a great number of sacks. Being blocked by Mario Henderson, Mario W. had the same number of sacks coming out of the game.

In fact, Mario Henderson (in only his second start) did such a good job, Williams never even touched JaMarcus Russel. We might not need to draft a lineman after all!


Chris Johnson/whole Secondary

Another star for Houston, Andre Johnson (WR) was playing stellar all season...'til he came to the Black Hole. In that game, he got two catches for 14 yards, both in the fourth quarter. All thanks to the Raiders pass-defense, mostly Chris Johnson. The replacement for Hall is playing at least 10 x better than DeAngelo.


JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell really showed what he can do with a great line and receivers that are playing like they're great, too. One of Russell's TD passes was to Chaz Schillens, the other to Johnnie Lee Higgins

18 of 25 for 236 yards and two TDs. Nice!


Johnnie Lee Higgins

Johnnie Lee Higgins scored his third punt return for a touchdown and also caught a 29 yard JR pass in the end zone even though there was pass interference. Johnnie proved his skills in the best way possible: a win.


The second win of the two was something the Raiders haven't seen all year: a comeback. Down 24-14 early in the fourth, the Raiders rebounded and beat Jon Gruden and the Buccaneers, 31-24. (In this game, the Raiders tied their single game most points scored record.

The other game with 31 for the Raiders was against Denver at home.)

Some stars of that game

Michael Bush

Michael Bush wasn't even supposed to play that game, but an early Justin Fargas injury gave Michael his best game in pro football.

Bush, in 27 carries, ran for 177 yards and two touchdowns, the most single game yards for the Raiders from a RB this year! He was easily the star of the game with such stats. Just more proof we might not need a OL in the next draft...


JaMarcus Russell

Although throwing an interception that was returned 85 yards while a moving Raider offense was in field goal (or touchdown) range(Russell made a tackle that knocked the wind out of the defender on that play) Russell didn't really have that bad of a game. He went 14 of 21 for 148 yards and two TDs! This OL is looking better and better...


Chaz Schilens

Chaz Schilens made a touchdown catch from JR that made it 14-7 in the second. It was only his second touchdown in the season. Chaz Shcilens was so open in the end zone that even JAMARCUS RUSSELL couldn't mess up the play/drive. 

Just kidding, but it's still been an OK at best season. Hopefully that will change, soon.