St. Louis Rams Look For Instant Help in Second Year with Second Overall Pick

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2008

After yet another poor season for the St. Louis Rams, the team from the Gateway City is experiencing a state of deja vu. They will have the second overall pick in the NFL draft for the second consecutive season, and once again, they have a lot of areas they can improve on.

So what area of need do the Rams address with pick No. 2? Their offensive line is porous, allowing their quarterbacks to be sacked 44 times this season. Their secondary is thin, and constantly gave up big plays. The pass catching corps features an aging Torry Holt and a couple of youngsters with potential, but not much else.

The offense NEEDS a play-maker to take some pressure off of Steven Jackson, but they also need to protect Marc Bulger better. With the second overall pick, they will surely have their pick of impact players at either spot.

While the top prospect at the offensive line position is subjective, there is little doubt that Michael Crabtree is number one amongst wide receivers. Rams fans and draft experts nationwide will debate this issue for the next few months.

The answer, to me, is obvious. In this particular draft class, the Rams might be best suited by dealing from the drafts area of strength, instead of their immediate needs. Taking Michael Crabtree is the best option for this franchise.

The 2009 draft class is loaded with talented offensive linemen. Mel Kiper has six linemen in his top 50 seniors, and seven offensive linemen getting taken total in the first round. What does this type of depth mean for the Rams? There will almost definitely be a talented, first-round type of talent for them in the second round.

Crabtree is a talent that cannot be ignored. He's the Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald type that will undoubtedly be a superstar, wherever he ends up. And don't forget, the Rams need this type of exciting impact. Attendance is down, and the fans need something to cheer about.

Some fans might point to Miami taking Jake Long with the No. 1 overall pick last year as a key to their turnaround, but the bottom line is that Crabtree is the type of monster that you cannot find but every few years. St. Louis would be foolish not to take him. With Charlie Armey and Company no longer running the team, they might just get this one right.