Colts-Chargers: Battle of the Potential AFC Super Bowl Contender

James TurnerCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Even though I've been a Washington Redskin fan my entire life, I've always been a football fan who liked great players from other teams. I've also had second and third favorite teams behind the Redskins.

I remember the 1995 AFC Championship Game between the Steelers and the Colts. I remember watching John Harbaugh in action and how everyone doubted the Colt to even make it this far into the postseason. The Colts were one hail mary away from reaching the Super Bowl as the receiver caught the ball in the end zone and as he hit the ground he couldn't maintain the ball.

That Super Bowl, Dallas beats Pittsburgh for their third Super Bowl in four years. BASTARDS! I remember declaring the Colts my second favorite team, all because of how hard they played, and John Harbaugh. Marshall Faulk was my favorite RB in the league at the time, too, so that also help sway my bandwagon that way.

Couple of years later, Peyton Manning arrives into the NFL. I knew he was going to be something special and it gave me more hope that the Colts will return to the Super Bowl. I'm not a bandwagon by all means, so when everyone started jumping onto the Colts bandwagon back in 2002, I jumped off the Colts' bandwagon and I headed over to Doug Flutie and those San Diego Chargers.

I was really a Doug Flutie fan at that time, and I loved LT's running style. I claimed him as my favorite RB after his rookie year, also around the same time my other favorite Marshall Faulk was on the verge of hanging them up.

I've been a Chargers fan all the way, 'til Brett Favre arrived to the Jets and as Favre being my favorite player, I migrated to the Jets. I was still cheering San Diego to do some damage this year, and if I had it my way, it would have been a Jets-Chargers AFC Championship game this year.

Things started to fall for the Chargers early in the year, especially after that game against the Broncos in Week Two, which we all who watch football remember what happen.

Chargers started to fall off and disappoint me and their loyal fans. Thing is they were losing so many close games and getting the bad end of the deal. As much as I figured their season was nearly over after the 4-8 start, I only thought about the last two seasons with these Chargers.

Two years ago, Marty led the Chargers to eight straight wins to end the season with a 14-2 record.

They lose to the Patriots though. Next season, Norv Turner—whom I will always have love for since I still think he could have gotten the Redskins deep into the playoffs if Snyder didn't fire him with three games left into the season—got the Chargers from a 5-5 start to end the season at 11-5 and making it to the championship game, which they lost to the Patriots.

It's ironic looking at it because the Chargers winning streak started after losing to the Colts after Manning threw six INTs and it ended after beating the Colts in the playoffs.

Now with the Colts, Peyton Manning kept falling short, year after year, as the Super Bowl favorite only to keep losing to teams like Patriots and Steelers in the playoffs. Everyone finally wrote them off back in 2006, where they were 12-4 but under the radar.

I knew this would be Colts year because people finally were calling Manning a choker and believing it and that they will never win a Super Bowl. I knew they would make it and win it. And when they did, I was actually happy for the Colts. But I was no longer a Colts fan anymore; I was a Chargers fan, so I didn't care much for the Colts winning.

Actually, that's a lie, I was really happy they won because if people didn't bandwagon them, I would probably still be a Colts fan. Now the Colts finished this season with nine straight wins after starting 3-4. That's amazing right there and Peyton Manning definitely deserves his third MVP this year, hands down.

Now, the two hottest teams are into the playoffs this Sunday and are going at it for the right to continue their winning streak into whatever team they may play. I'm so mad this is a wild-card game. Both teams deserve to be in the Championship game. I don't even know who to honestly cheer for in this game.

This is one of those times where I love to be a football player and a fan. I get to watch two teams that I love who are streaking right now put on perhaps a classic wild card game. Phillip Rivers VS Peyton Manning.

I want Chargers to win because of Norv Turner and everyone always putting him down thinking he can't do the job and because they work hard and play as a team. I also would love to the Colts to win because I just love to see Peyton Manning go to work. The way he plays can make any random football watcher become a true fan.

If it wasn't for the Cowboys, I feel the Colts can be America's team. They're just not that marketable as the Cowboys franchise, but still marketable.

All I know is I better not be scheduled to work this Saturday because I do not want to miss this game. My prediction, 27-24 Colts. Tough prediction, but I see Manning winning this one out. 'Til I write again.

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