Who Should the Jets Get to Replace Eric Mangini? Is Cowher an Option?

Joey CinquegranaContributor IDecember 29, 2008

The New York Jets season has come to an end, and they've already gotten down to business by firing Eric Mangini, along with the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator as well. 

Everyone knows who the majority of the fans want.  They want Bill Cowher, in case you haven't been paying attention.

Bill Cowher is probably one of the best head coaches of this generation.  He won Super Bowl XL in the 2005 season against the Seattle Seahawks.  He has a career record of 161-99-1, including the postseason.

Lately, Cowher has been working on the NFL Today show, and from what I am hearing, he sounds pretty happy there, and I've also heard that he would listen to the Jets.  So, that's a start.

Other coaches the Jets may look into are former New York Jets head coach, Bill Parcells, also known as "The Big Tuna."  He is currently the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins.

Parcells has turned many organizations around. He turned the Giants into Super Bowl champions in 1986 and 1990. 

He brought the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl in 1996. 

The Jets won nine games with him his first season, a year after the Jets won only one game. He also brought the Jets to the AFC Championship game in 1998.

He, however, never got really far with the Cowboys though, but he didn't coach there long enough to turn them around.  I sure bet the Cowboys and their fans wouldn't mind having him back right about now.

A coach without any head coaching experience the Jets may look into is Giants defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo.  The Jets would have to switch back to a 4-3 base again though if they looked into Spagnuolo. 

Another coach that I think may be interesting for fans of people that probably want Brett Favre back is his ex coach from the Green Bay Packers, Mike Holmgren. Holmgren and Favre won the Super Bowl together in 1996.

Holmgren also coached the Seahawks to a Super Bowl, to lose to none other than Bill Cowher.  Holmgren has a career record of 161-111.

That seems unlikely though, because I believe Mike Holmgren's wife wants him to take at least a year off.

Other possible choices the New York Jets could look at, although aren't really likely, is one of Favre's good friends, Steve Mariucci, but that's really unlikely.

Another unlikely choice would be the Patriots' offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, but I don't think the Jets want to go down that road again. 

Rex Ryan also wouldn't be too bad of an option.  He is currently the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore's defense has been on top for a while now.

Jets fans don't even know who their starting quarterback is going to be next season, let alone coaches.

Will it be Brett Favre? Who knows?

Will it be Kellen Clemens? Who knows?

Will it be preseason star quarterback Brett Ratliff? Who knows?

I personally don't think the Jets should not hire someone just because Favre would like it.  They need to hire the best coach they can find. Right now, I believe it should be either Cowher or Spagnuolo.

If neither want the job, then give Parcells a call.