The Passing of the Torch? Why Tony Romo Could be the Next Brett Favre

Roberto ArevaloCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008


I know, I know. This storyline has been made before and I am not claiming to be a ground breaker on this topic.


I finally decided this during week 16 after watching all the highlights and seeing all the reactions, I couldn't help but come out with one conclusion.


It was clear as day, especially if you look at the way both played against their respective opponents that week, Seattle and Baltimore.


Costly Turnovers. Check.


Inability to produce points. Check.


Belief in arm strength and/or a window that is probably not there. Check.


Now fast fwd to week 17 with both the Jets and Cowboys playing games with playoff implications and both teams arguably favored.


What happens?!


You guessed it.


More of the same in 60 minutes of disaster that now leaves both teams watching the playoffs from the comfort of their own homes (albeit nicer) just like the rest of us.


The funny thing about Sunday for those who were at the bar or had all games on, Romo and Favre threw their second quarter picks roughly five minutes apart.


What better comparison could you ask for?


 I believe Romo went first and I said to myself, "C'mon Romo." Next thing you know I'm hearing "ooohs" and "ahhhs" and I look around to see Jets fans yelling "Brett, what was that!?"


Now if these past two weeks don't serve as a reminder about the legitimate comparisons between these two then you should probably stop reading this right now.


Now let me take this time to be absolutely clear, Brett Favre has had a helluva career. I understand he's 39 and Romo is 28.


I understand he is a first ballot Hall of Famer bar none. Has all the stats in the world. Has a ridiculous Ironman streak still going after 18 grueling seasons. Three league MVPs. One Lombardi Trophy.


The guy is simply a throwback QB to those of yester year. And we may not see another one of his kind for a while, if ever again.


Tony Romo on the other hand, was and kinda still is America's darling QB since he came on the scene against the Giants in the middle of the '06 season. He only has two and a half seasons of being an NFL starter. He's been to two Pro Bowls, led the Cowboys to two playoff berths, and more famously dated high-profile blonde bombshells.


Advantage clearly goes to Favre.


Their similarities lie in the fact it seems that both Favre and Romo are blessed/cursed with that infamous "gunslinger" mentality.  And with that they both have the ability to provide us on any given play with what Mike Holmgren likes to call the "no, no, no, yesss" play.


However, the thing about Brett Favre is that the people of Green Bay, majority of media, and most of the Jets fans initially, is that they have given him a pass. This is the same "pass" Peyton Manning alluded to at his press conference the day after he won the Super Bowl.


He mentioned it for a reason, Peyton wanted no part of this "pass" just because he had exercised his demons with a victory against the Bears.


Most people may not admit but Brett Favre has gotten away with sloppy play for a while now due the child-like passion he plays with on Sundays, southern charm, and one-of-the-guys appeal.


Given his accomplishments it’s easy to do so with a guy like that.


Romo on the other hand has left the Cowboys hanging in two postseason losses and one colossal let down this past Sunday. In other words, Romo has not earned any pass of any sort.


So my article comes to a close with this, will the next six to eight years with Romo under the helm give us one Super Bowl, just enough to feed the rabid Cowboys fan base (present company included)? Only to have solid teams compete in the regular season only to mess it up in the playoffs like the drought we are currently experiencing.


Or will Tony Romo join the all-star class of Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, and A-Rod that puts up all the stats but never wins a ring?


I personally do not hope so. But after Sunday’s loss to that team from Philly, anything is possible. And the jury is still out on who Tony Romo is.


So with all that said, I propose something different.


Here's hoping Tony Romo becomes Tony Romo. And that definition is of a player with lots of Super Bowls, a Hall of Fame career, and a spot in the Ring of Honor with all the other great Cowboys QBs.