UFC 141's Alistair Overeem Granted Conditional License To Face Brock Lesnar

Joshua CareySenior Analyst IDecember 12, 2011

The Nevada State Athletic Commission today granted Alistair Overeem a conditional license to face Brock Lesnar at this month's UFC 141 pay-per-view.

Overeem must take an additional test within 72 hours, an additional test in the United States when he lands, and two randoms post-fight.

As part of the licensing, Overeem must undergo the immediate test at a WADA-approve center, which will likely be in the UK or Germany.

When the 250-pound Overeem arrives in the United States for UFC 141, he'll be administered the second test.

Lastly, the Octagon newcomer must participate in two random tests after his December 30 main-event fight.

All of this is a result of Overeem not submitting the appropriate test that the NSAC required in an timely manner.

NSAC head Keith Kizer informed the Overeem camp on November 17 that he must submit to random testing and Kizer stated that four days passed before he heard from the camp.

According to Overeem, he's had complications due to his mother being ill and testing in Holland being different than in the States.

"When I got the request to test myself, I took the test straight away," Overeem told the commission by phone during today's hearing. "I went to the doctor, and he had me steroid tested. I went in for the results, which took 10 days. When I finally got the results, I submitted them, and I thought that, that should be sufficient for the commission.

"But after a couple of days, I received notice that is was not sufficient, and I needed to do more testing. So, I went back to the doctor straight away and I had my second test done with the full parameters that was provided by the NSAC, and that was taken last Wednesday, Dec. 7. The results of the test are due seven to 10 days from Dec. 7, so I'm expecting them this week."

Overeem's portion of the hearing lasted one hour and while the result is likely not what he was hoping, he'll still receive the opportunity to make his UFC debut.

Lesnar, who was also notified of the random testing, had an issue finding an approved facility and relayed the problem to Kizer.

Once notified of the situation NSAC sent the former UFC heavyweight champion to a local hospital for an observed test.

With that being said, Overeem and Lesnar remain as UFC 140's headlining bout for the year-end event.

Lastly, referee Mario Yamasaki has been selected to oversee Overeem and Lesnar inside the Octagon at MGM Grand Garden Arena is Las Vegas.

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