What Lies Ahead for the Surprising Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Playoffs

Chris D'AnielloAnalyst IDecember 29, 2008

Yes. It happened.

Yes, the former Eagle Ryan Moats helped the Texans fend off the Bears.

Yes, the Raiders somehow, someway found a way to travel across the country and upset the 13-point favored Bucs.

And, yes, the Eagles smacked the Cowboys in the "win-and-in", playoff-type game.

It's tough to ask in the midst of all the excitement but... what's next for the Eagles?

Can the Eagles team that, just a few days ago, had no chance at making the playoffs possibly make it to the Super Bowl?

Three teams stand in the way of this dream. Two of these teams are already predetermined. So first, let's take a look at these two.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings (1/4/09)

Adrian Peterson. 'Nuff said. 

This Vikings team can take control of any game with a couple simple hand-offs because Mr. Peterson can turn any hand-off into six points. They've also got a great defense AND they just took down the top seeded Giants. This team, as with any playoff team, is no "chalk up the W" team. However, when the Eagles decide to show up (i.e. Week 17 vs. Cowboys, Week 14 @ Giants) they can beat any team in the league. Riding an incredible wave of momentum, the Eagles will show up and play to their potential in Minnesota. 

Prediction: Eagles- 24, Vikings- 13

Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants (1/11/09)

An interdivision, rivalry game to get to the NFC Championship Game. What can you say in terms of analysis? Not much. It's a team in the Giants that has been in a slump of late against a team in the Eagles carrying huge momentum and Andy Reid's playoff beard. The Giants and the Eagles obviously have the talent; this game will be won with emotion. 

I know, the Eagles have to play on the Giants' turf. But in both of their regular season games, the away team came out on top.

Prediction: Eagles- 28, Giants- 24

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina/Atlanta/Arizona (1/18/09)

ARI- Nothing seems unlikely after the Eagles managed to make the playoffs, so if let's say Arizona makes it to the NFC Championship. The Eagles have already beaten the slumping Cardinals pretty good in Week 13. Who is going to say they can't do it again?

Prediction: Eagles- 38, Cardinals- 10

ATL- The Falcons have a ton of talent. The Burner Turner has been unbelievable this season. Everybody loves Matt Ryan. But I think their inexperience will show in the playoffs. If they do manage to take out Carolina, the Eagles, not only have showed that they can beat the Falcons in the regular season, but have more playoff experience under them.

Prediction: Eagles- 20, Falcons- 7

CAR- I think the Panthers have been the most impressive NFC team throughout the regular season. This, I believe, will be the NFC Championship Game– Eagles v Panthers. The Panthers offensive weapons such as DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith, are uncontrollable by any defense. The Eagles certainly can win this game if they play as they did against the Cowboys. However, I know first-hand as an Eagles fan that the Birds are bound to stumble every now and then.

Prediction: Panthers- 24, Eagles- 21


Can the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl? Absolutely. If you watched the Cowboys game on Sunday, you know this already.

They definitely don't have the toughest playoff route and they can beat any team if they strap up and play hard.

P.S. Good luck next year, TO.