MLB Free Agency 2012: Updated Odds on Where Top 50 Free Agents Will Sign

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2011

MLB Free Agency 2012: Updated Odds on Where Top 50 Free Agents Will Sign

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    There have already been a number of Major League Baseball's top 50 free agents that have signed with a team. However, there are plenty of players that are still on the market.

    The level of interest in these players has continued to grow, and some of players have narrowed down their lists of teams that they are interested in. The moves that happen over the next few months will help shape the 2012 season.

    A previous top 50 list will serve as the basis for the top 50 free agents on the market.

50) Henry Urrutia

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    There has not been much information available about the teams that have an interested in Henry Urrutia. It is known that Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo scouted him on his most recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

    Odds: Washington Nationals: 40%, The Field: 25%, Unsigned: 35%

    Photo Credit: Havana Times

49) Joe Nathan

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    Joe Nathan has already found a new home this winter. He agreed to a two-year deal with the Texas Rangers. He will help solidify the Rangers' bullpen.

48) Hiroyuki Nakajima

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    The New York Yankees placed the winning bid for Hiroyuki Nakajima during the posting process. They are now trying to negotiate a deal with him. While he did want to play for a West Coast team, Nakajima is open to signing with the Yankees.

    He is expected to be a utility man during his first year in New York, but he could eventually replace Derek Jeter at shortstop.

    Odds: New York Yankees: 80%, Japan: 20%

47) Bruce Chen

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    After and impressive 2011 season with the Kansas City Royals, the team wanted to bring Bruce Chen back. Chen wanted to return as well and signed a two-year, $9 million deal with the team.

46) Wei-Yin Chen

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    One of the lesser known starting pitchers on the market is Wei-Yin Chen. He will no doubt draw interest from a few teams, but he will likely only come to the United States if he could get a job as a starter. The 26-year-old could be a good back-of-the-rotation pitcher.

    Odds: Baltimore Orioles: 40%, Pittsburgh Pirates: 35%, Japan: 25%

45) Frank Francisco

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    The New York Mets may not have had much money to spend this winter, but they made it a goal to try to improve their bullpen. They signed Francisco to a two-year deal earlier this offseason.

44) Juan Pierre

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    There has not been much action on Juan Pierre this winter. He was not offered arbitration by the Chicago White Sox and he will certainly not be returning there. It is possible that Pierre may need to settle for a minor league deal this winter.

    Odds: Oakland Athletics: 20%, Minnesota Twins: 15%, New York Mets: 10%, The Field: 55%

43) Jason Marquis

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    Jason Marquis has bounced around a bit during his career and he should be playing for a new team again in 2012. The New York Mets would be a good fit.

    Odds: New York Mets: 65%, Los Angeles Dodgers: 15%, Arizona Diamondbacks: 10%, The Field: 10%

42) Rafael Furcal

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    The St. Louis Cardinals have brought back one of the players that helped them in the postseason this year. Rafael Furcal re-signed with the team for a two-year deal worth $14 million.

41) Clint Barmes

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    Early this offseason the Pittsburgh Pirates agreed to a two-year deal with Clint Barmes. He will be there starting shortstop for the near future.

40) Freddy Garcia

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    Freddy Garcia proved that he still had some gas left in the tank during the 2011 season. The New York Yankees were impressed with his performance and have brought him back for 2012.

39) Jeff Francis

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    A pitcher's record is not always the best indicator of his performance. This held true for Jeff Francis in 2011. There are a number of teams that are interested in signing the former Kansas City Royals starter to help fill in the back-end of their rotation.

    Odds: Pittsburgh Pirates: 30%, Seattle Mariners: 25%, Minnesota Twins: 20%, Colorado Rockies: 20%, The Field: 5%

38) Aaron Hill

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    After seeing him play for them during the 2011 season the Arizona Diamondbacks did not want to let Aaron Hill go. They re-signed Hill early in the offseason.

37) Tsuyoshi Wada

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    Tsuyoshi Wada is an international free agent and is free to sign with any MLB team without having to go through the posting process. This should making him more appealing than some of the other pitcher that have played in Japan.

    Odds: Washington Nationals: 30%, Pittsburgh Pirates: 25%, Japan: 20%, Los Angeles Dodgers: 15%, The Field: 10%

36) Chris Capuano

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    After struggling with injuries for a number of years, Chris Capuano was able to stay healthy and pitch well for the New York Mets in 2011. He was reward for his success when he signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers this winter.

35) Bartolo Colon

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    Bartolo Colon surprised a lot of people with his performance in 2011. The problem for him is that teams are having trouble believing that he will be able to repeat it in 2012.

    Odds: Boston Red Sox: 15%, New York Yankees: 10%, The Field: 75%

34) Ramon Hernandez

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    The Colorado Rockies were looking for an upgrade at catcher and they found it this winter when they inked Ramon Hernandez to a two-year deal. After signing Hernandez, it gave the Rockies the flexibility to deal Chris Iannetta.

33) Jason Kubel

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    More teams would be after Jason Kubel if he didn't miss a significant amount of time in 2011 as the result of an injury. He still has a number of teams interested in him but there are a number of other outfielders that these teams are making runs at.

    Odds: Minnesota Twins: 25%, Cleveland Indians: 15%, Philadelphia Phillies: 15%, The Field: 45%

32) David DeJesus

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    The Chicago Cubs knew that they were looking for an outfielder this winter and they went out and signed David DeJesus. He should be a key part of the Cubs lineup in 2012 and beyond.

31) Erik Bedard

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    Injuries interfered with Erik Bedard's time with the Seattle Mariners. When he was healthy Bedard showed that he can still be an very good pitcher. The Pittsburgh Pirates were impressed with Bedard's performances and signed him to a one-year deal.

30) Kelly Johnson

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    The Toronto Blue Jays let Kelly Johnson enter the free agent market but they also decided to offer him arbitration. After he spent time looking for a new team to sign with Johnson ultimately decided to accept the Blue Jays' arbitration offer.

29) Paul Maholm

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    Despite pitching well in 2011, Paul Maholm might not fit in the Pittsburgh Pirates' future plans. This is good news for other teams as Maholm could make a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter.

    Odds: Colorado Rockies: 25%, Pittsburgh Pirates: 20%, Detroit Tigers: 15%, The Field: 50%

28) Ryan Doumit

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    Ryan Doumit has had a number of up-and-down seasons during his career. The Minnesota Twins signed Doumit to a one-year deal and they hope that they have him for one of his good seasons.

27) Josh Willingham

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    A number of teams were interested in Josh Willingham once he hit the free agent market, but the list of his suitors has been paired down. According to Jon Heyman, the three teams with a chance to land him are the Cleveland Indians, the Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins.

    Odds: Cleveland Indians: 40%, Minnesota Twins: 30%, Colorado Rockies: 25%, Seattle Mariners: 5%,

26) Hisahi Iwakuma

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    Last offseason it appeared as if the Oakland Athletics would sign Hisahi Iwakuma after they won the rights to negotiate with him. They could not get a deal done, but Iwakuma is now a free agent and is free to sign with any MLB team.

    Odds: Oakland Athletics: 45%, Minnesota Twins: 20%, Japan: 20%, The Field: 15%

25) Casey Kotchman

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    There were few free agent signings that had a bigger bang for their buck than Casey Kotchman in 2011. Whichever team signs him for 2012 hopes that they can get the same results.

    Odds: Tampa Bay Rays: 45%, Cleveland Indians: 25%, Pittsburgh Pirates: 10%, Baltimore Orioles: 10%, The Field: 10%

24) Grady Sizemore

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    Ever since he has shown his 30/30 potential, the Cleveland Indians have been hoping that Grady Sizemore could stay on the field. He has had injury issues in the past, but the Indians decided to bring him back.

23) Coco Crisp

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    Teams that are looking for a leadoff hitter this winter will certainly be interested in Coco Crisp. The speedy center fielder also has some pop in his bat.

    Odds: Detroit Tigers: 45%, Oakland Athletics: 25%, San Francisco Giants: 15% The Field: 15%

22) Francisco Rodriguez

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    When the Milwaukee Brewers offered Francisco Rodriguez they did not think that he would accept it. Rodriguez looked at the free agent market and decided to accept the Brewers offer.

21) Norichika Aoki

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    It is expected that Norichika Aoki will be posted this winter. He is considered to be one of the best Japanese hitters to come to the states in the past few years.

    Odds: New York Mets: 25%, Oakland Athletics: 25%, Washington Nationals: 25%, The Field: 25%

20) Heath Bell

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    Heath Bell was the first big signing that the Miami Marlins made this winter. He is expected to help usher in a new era of success in Miami.

19) Javier Vazquez

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    Even though he put together a strong season in 2012, Javier Vazquez might not return to the MLB in 2012. He is said to be pondering retirement.

    Odds: Retire: 70%, Miami Marlins: 25%, The Field: 5%

18) Jorge Soler

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    Jorge Soler is drawing interest from all around the major leagues because of his potential. He could become a five-tool player and he has the frame of a big-time slugger.

    Odds: New York Yankees: 35%, Texas Rangers: 30%, Philadelphia Phillies: 25%, Washington Nationals: 15%, The Field: 15%

17) Carlos Pena

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    Carlos Pena will likely serve as a consolation prize for a team that ends up missing out on Prince Fielder. He is a power bat that is a good middle of the lineup bat.

    Odds: Chicago Cubs: 40%, Baltimore Orioles: 20%, St. Louis Cardinals: 15%, Tampa Bay Rays: 15%, The Field: 10%

16) Hiroki Kuroda

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    After spending a few years in the MLB, Hiroki Kuroda is contemplating going back to Japan. There are a few MLB teams that are going to try to convince him otherwise this winter.

    Odds: New York Yankees: 30%, Japan: 20%, Colorado Rockies: 15%, Boston Red Sox: 10%, Chicago Cubs: 10%, Arizona Diamondbacks: 10%, The Field: 5%

15) Roy Oswalt

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    Back issues plagued Roy Oswalt during the 2011 season and factored into the Philadelphia Phillies' decision to not pick up his option. Other teams will not be scared away by these problems and will go after Oswalt.

    Odds: Washington Nationals: 30%, Philadelphia Phillies: 30%, Texas Rangers: 20%, The Field: 20% 

14) Ryan Madson

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    It appeared as if Ryan Madson was going to re-sign with the Philadelphia Phillies this winter but the deal fell apart. He is now on the free agent market and is looking for a new place to call home.

    Odds: Toronto Blue Jays: 35%, Boston Red Sox: 30%, Los Angeles Angels: 25%, The Field: 10%

13) David Ortiz

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    Earlier this winter there were some silly rumors that David Ortiz might go to the New York Yankees. As it turns out, Ortiz decided to stay with the Boston Red Sox.

12) Mark Buehrle

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    The Miami Marlins may have missed out on C.J. Wilson, but they were still able to bring in a big-time starter. Miami signed Mark Buehrle to a four-year deal.

11) Michael Cuddyer

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    Michael Cuddyer is one of the top outfielders available this winter. As was expected, there are a number of teams that have been making serious pursuits of Cuddyer this winter.

    Odds: Colorado Rockies: 35%, Minnesota Twins: 25%, Philadelphia Phillies: 15%, Boston Red Sox: 15%, San Francisco Giants: 5%, The Field: 5%

10) Carlos Beltran

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    The market for Carlos Beltran has been much thinner than the outfielder expected when he became a free agent. It could have a lot to do with Beltran's past knee problems.

    Odds: St. Louis Cardinals: 20%, Boston Red Sox: 20%, Detroit Tigers: 20%, Atlanta Braves: 15%, Washington Nationals: 15%, The Field: 10%

9) Jimmy Rollins

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    After Jose Reyes signed Jimmy Rollins became the best shortstop on the market. However, there has not been that much interest in him yet this winter. The best fit for Rollins is back in Philly.

    Odds: Philadelphia Phillies: 80%, The Field: 20%

8) Edwin Jackson

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    Edwin Jackson is one of the best starters on the market this winter. He is likely a number two starter at best but there are many teams that could use his services.

    Odds: Minnesota Twins: 25%, New York Yankees: 25%, Texas Rangers: 20%, The Field: 20%, St. Louis Cardinals: 10%

7) Aramis Ramirez

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    When he decided to opt out of his contract this winter Aramis Ramirez knew that there would be a number of teams interested in him. That has proven to be true as he has a number of suitors at the moment.

    Odds: Detroit Tigers: 35%, Milwaukee Brewers: 30%, Miami Marlins: 15%, Philadelphia Phillies: 10%, The Field: 10%

    NOTE: Reports indicate that Ramirez has now signed with the Milwaukee Brewers.

6) Yoenis Cespedes

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    Teams are waiting until Yoenis Cespedes officially becomes a free agent. Once that happens he will get offers from many of the teams in the MLB who are going to be competing for him.

    Odds: New York Yankees: 25%, Detroit Tigers: 20%, Miami Marlins: 20%, Baltimore Orioles: 20%, The Field: 15%

    Photo Credit: Rumors and Rants

5) Yu Darvish

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    Even the failures of other Japanese pitchers will not prevent teams from making big bids for Yu Darvish. A good breakdown of the contenders for Darvish can be found here.

    Odds: Texas Rangers: 30%, New York Yankees: 20%, Washington Nationals: 20%, Toronto Blue Jays: 20%, The Field: 10%

4) C.J. Wilson

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    Within hours of making the biggest signing of the offseason the Los Angeles Angels made another huge move when they brought in C.J. Wilson. Bringing Wilson into the mix gives the Angels one of the best rotations in baseball.

3) Jose Reyes

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    The Miami Marlins brought in one of the most exciting players in baseball this winter. Jose Reyes will be a key player for the Marlins for years to come and will give people in Miami a reason to go watch a Marlins game.

2) Prince Fielder

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    There was some debate before the offseason started as to if Prince Fielder was actually the best player on the market. Either way, he is an elite player that can help change the direction of a franchise.

    Odds: Chicago Cubs: 35%, Seattle Mariners: 25%, Texas Rangers: 10%, Toronto Blue Jays: 10%, Washington Nationals: 5%, Baltimore Orioles: 5%, St. Louis Cardinals: 5%, The Field: 5%

1) Albert Pujols

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    This was certainly both the biggest and most shocking move of the offseason. With one move the Los Angeles Angels made themselves a much better team by signing Albert Pujols.