Tom Brady London Fletcher Hit Video: Watch Most Controversial Penalty of Season

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2011

The terrible penalty called on Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher for a good hard hit on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday proves why people call the NFL the "No Fun League."

The NFL might as well have quarterbacks wear special colored jerseys letting people know you cannot hit them, because any time you tackle a quarterback with any kind of power, there is a good chance a flag is coming.

It is embarrassing that Fletcher was called for a penalty on this play.

I get that quarterbacks are the cornerstones of franchises, but the protection these guys have is just silly. 

See a forearm to the head? Neither do I. Apparently that's what the referee saw.

What I did see was a solid hard tackle on Brady, who was not even on the ground yet when Fletcher made contact.

What was Fletcher supposed to do, let Brady run however far he wants? Heightened player safety is needed in today's game because players are faster and stronger than ever, but calling penalties on plays like this takes it way too far.

Not only does Fletcher not have a history of dirty play, he is a highly respected veteran who plays the game hard. He sets the tone for the Redskins defense with his spirited play and does not go out and try to hurt guys.

Teammate Santana Moss seemed particularly infuriated. Via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, Moss said:

"We gotta play against the team and the refs. It's like that."

Another bad part of this blown call is that the referees talked about the play and the call was still made. None of these guys saw that it was not a dirty play? That's pretty weak.


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