Why Sheamus and Wade Barrett Could Turn WWE into a Global Brand

Ryan MartinContributor IIIDecember 11, 2011

Fantasy Feud - Barrett v. Sheamus
Fantasy Feud - Barrett v. Sheamus

There are two things that are obvious in WWE right now:

1. Sheamus and Wade Barrett are both set for future success, provided neither irritates the hierarchy.

2. The WWE is pushing for a "global" audience.

With this in mind it seems sensible that these two men will soon be projected into the main event scene. Unlike other international superstars like Sin Cara, they can cut promos, and would anyone take Santino as a legitimate wrestler with his current gimmick?

The WWE has already planned next year's title scene and main events, taking the unprecedented step of naming their main event for the flagship show, Wrestlemania, a year in advance. CM Punk also looks set for a long reign as champion, and something tells me we could see a John Cena "injury" layoff soon (Kayfabe, of course). This would allow talents like Dolph and the Miz to enter the scene and not face a squashing by Cena.

So where does the WWE stand post-Wrestlemania?

Well, depending on the outcome of their main event, we will either see a feud end or reignite.

To me it would make sense to put the strap on Wade Barrett after Wrestlemania, defeating Cena/Punk at Summerslam since he has history with both.

Then enter the new contender to the scene: Sheamus. 

The two have a natural feud; Sheamus is Irish, and Barrett is English. The WWE should use this to their advantage, and it will help them build their global appeal. The two should have a few heated matches with both men picking up non-title wins and with Barrett just sneaking victories in title defense. This would aggravate Sheamus enough to put it all on the line to get the title.

Now, the fun part.

I have said in many articles that the WWE needs to bring PPVs to the UK or Ireland. Outside the Americas it is their strongest market, yet we are seldom rewarded for it.

Sure, we get a live Raw once a year, but the WWE needs to make a further commitment. I feel that a PPV should be added to the UK and Ireland, removing two of the gimmick PPVs we currently have.

So Sheamus and Barrett will face each other for the title over a series of two PPVs and one special episode of Raw.

The first bout could be a no-DQ match in Ireland at a new PPV. Either man could pick up the win, it just depends if they want heat or a massive pop, as witnessed when the British Bulldog defeated Bret Hart at Wembley for the IC title. 

The second bout could take place on PPV in England, and it could be a tables match, for example. This time whoever lost the first match must win. I'm going to guess the American audience that doesn't stay up to watch the event isn't going to be happy to wake up to a new champion.

So that leaves the third match, the most important of course, back "home." It should be the ultimate end to a feud: Hell in a Cell. This could be contested on a special Monday Night Raw or, if planned well, Wrestlemania. 

The WWE would have cemented their appeal in the UK by bringing two PPVs, Sheamus and Barrett would get the TV time they deserve and we would have one epic feud that crosses continents. 

Any thoughts, then shoot!