More Cursed NFL Franchise: Jets or Bills?

Joey CinquegranaContributor IDecember 28, 2008

As the season came to an end today, the Patriots lost their star quarterback this year, but neither the Jets or Bills took advantage and won the division.

The 11-5 Miami Dolphins won the division, meanwhile the Buffalo Bills, who everyone expected to be the team behind the Patriots this year, and the New York Jets led by Brett Favre failed to make the playoffs, after being 8-3 at one point.

Buffalo also had a collapse as well, they started this season 5-1, and they finished it 2-8.

This question has always had me thinking.

Which franchise is more cursed?

The New York Jets are most notably known for Joe Willy Namath winning Super Bowl III, not to mention, Namath also guaranteed victory that year. Buffalo is most known for losing four straight Super Bowls.

What led to these debacles for the Jets, and Bills? Some will say horrible coaching; others will say they're just plain choke artists.

You've heard the quotes from Jets, and Bills fans, that continue their pain.

Jets fans, "Same Old Jets," "Just End The Season."

Bills fans, "Wide Right."

Are these two teams just hopeless?

After Tom Brady's injury happened, everyone suspected either the Jets, or Bills would probably win the division. That didn't happen, in fact, Matt Cassel still led the Patriots to a better record then the Jets, and Bills.

They have to be cursed, the both of them, after this year's performances from them, right?

So who do you guys think is more cursed, if either are cursed franchises?