Philadelphia Eagles: You Saved My Christmas

Bryn Swartz@eaglescentralSenior Writer IIIDecember 28, 2008

We did it! We are in the playoffs. We had the most impossible odds. Absolutely impossible. Just one week ago, I calculated our playoff chances at two percent. Possibly three percent.


The Oakland Raiders. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Houston Texans. The Chicago Bears. All of these teams were involved in helping us make the playoffs—before we even stepped onto the field.


It happened. By some miracle, it happened. Michael Bush, whatever you want for Christmas, the city of Philadelphia will buy for you.


I do not even know what to say. This article should not exist. This was not supposed to happen. It was not going to happen. But next week, the Philadelphia Eagles will play the Minnesota Vikings at some time on Sunday afternoon.


There is only one human being more pumped up than Brian Dawkins was today, and that is me.


Speaking of Brian Dawkins, in November, I wrote an article suggesting that No. 20 be elected to the Hall of Fame following his NFL career. Dawkins may have locked up his Hall of Fame chances today.


I have never seen Brian Dawkins play a better game than he did today. Five tackles. An eight-yard sack. Two forced fumbles, both of which were returned for touchdowns.


We set a single-season team record for most points scored. We allowed the fewest sacks per pass attempt in team history. McNabb threw for the most yards in team history. Akers set records for field goals made and points scored.


Speaking of Akers, my first Eagles article ever bashed David Akers and called for a new kicker. David Akers, I would trust you on a 50-yard field goal with the game on the line.


The texts I got from my friends during the game were absolutely hilarious.


“I think I just saw Jerry Jones's facelift fall.”


“I wonder who is more upset right now: Terrell Owens, Jerry Jones, or Joe Buck?”


“Donovan totally just showed up T.O.!!!!”


“Andy Reid is the ugliest cheerleader in Eagles history.”


“Tony 'I Can't Play in December' Romo.”


“Dawkins is a man possessed right now.”


“Andy Reid just showed emotion?!?!?!”


And my favorite:


“I had this dream last night.”


This was just miraculous. This was literally a miracle. This might be the greatest day in Philadelphia Eagles history during my lifetime. It was absolutely the most unforgettable regular season game I have ever seen.


My dad summed it up best. After we scored to make it 41-3 in the middle of the third quarter, he turned to me and said, “I have been watching football for over 40 years, and I have never seen a game like this. Not an Eagles game. Any game.”


Let me recap this season. First of all, I have never had my feelings change so much about one team during a single season. Ever.


  • After we lost a close late-season game to the Giants on Nov. 9, I called Andy Reid a joke.
  • Completely discouraged and heartbroken, I called out Donovan McNabb for not knowing that games could end in a tie on Nov. 16.
  • Two days later, I wrote an article telling Eagles fans that this team was going to the playoffs. I predicted 9-6-1 to make the playoffs. Most people thought we needed to be 10-5-1.
  • The very next week, I thought our season was over. Instead, I just encouraged Eagles fans to keep watching.
  • On Dec. 21, I informed the Eagles that they had ruined my Christmas.
  • Three days later, I investigated a rumor suggesting head coach Andy Reid would step down after the Dallas game.


And now I am here to tell the Eagles that they have saved my Christmas, thanks to the most unbelievable win in Philadelphia sports since Oct. 29, 2008.


This was a win so memorable that it needs to be given a name, a name like "The Christmas Day Massacre: Part 2."


I do not know which play was my favorite today: Correll Buckhalter's 59-yard romp. Chris Clemons' 73-yard fumble return for a touchdown. Joselio Hanson's 96-yard fumble return for a touchdown. The zero penalties committed by our team. Correll Buckhalter's 35-yard run. David Akers' 50-yard field goal before halftime. Pacman Jones' fumble. Both of T.O.'s drops. Michael Bush's 67-yard touchdown run.


We just sent a team with the most talented roster in football home. Home for eight months. Bye bye to your sack record, DeMarcus Ware. Congrats for choking, Romo. Again. Five turnovers in one game. Donovan's never done that and he never will.


Eagles fans, this is a day you should never forget. This is a day that you will tell your kids about 50 years from now. We did it. We are in the playoffs!



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