NBA Rumors: Why the Future Looks Extremely Bright for the New York Knicks

Anthony PrestanoContributor IIIDecember 8, 2011

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Today it looks as if there is a "98 percent chance the Knicks will sign Tyson Chandler," once he becomes a free agent tomorrow. There have also been rumors that a Chris Paul trade is dying out, because teams don't wan't a half-year rental. This all adds up for nothing, but good things to come next year in New York.

If Tyson Chandler does in fact end up in New York, he may try to recruit his old teammate Chris Paul as well. Paul is a free agent next summer and everyone knows that, and it amazes me that even with the signing of Chandler—reportedly for years, $60 million—the Knicks would still be able to acquire Paul next summer thanks to the amnesty clause. Chris Paul being traded is up in the air right now, because it doesn't look like he really wants to commit to a long term deal, unless its the Los Angeles Lakers. So, if New Orleans can't field a trade for Paul, he would wind up finishing the year in New Orleans. Even if Paul is traded, there is no guarantee that he will sign an extension with his new team unless he is overwhelmed with joy. The only problem is, Paul has to sign an extension to get traded. Therefore, the chances of trading Paul are becoming slimmer and slimmer, and the chances of him signing with the Knicks when he's a free agent next summer are becoming greater and greater.

Everything is falling into place for this to happen, it almost seems like fate. First a new amnesty clause allowing them to get rid of Turiaf and keep money to spend, now Paul's former teammate joining the Knicks. In my opinion, this is just waiting to happen. The Knicks did their part, and now it's all up to Chris Paul.