NBA Free Agency: 4 Reasons Shane Battier Is the Perfect Signing for Miami

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NBA Free Agency: 4 Reasons Shane Battier Is the Perfect Signing for Miami

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    With many rumors swirling and free-agent deals becoming more apparent on a busy Thursday, Miami may have hit the jackpot by reeling in Shane Battier.

    A veteran of the game, Battier is a tough player who brings great energy and a leader on the floor. However, the most important thing is he fills many voids that Miami suffered from last season.

    At age 33, Battier is going to be a key role player off the bench for a team looking to win a championship with stars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

    While we all knew Miami was an attractive destination for free agents, the Heat ended up landing one of the most proven players in the free-agent pool.

    Let's check out why he fits great in Miami.

Tenacious D

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    Considering Miami was the second-best defense in the NBA last season, only behind Chicago, bringing in Battier makes them even better.

    He's a lengthy, smart defender with the ability to guard the perimeter with force. Along with that, Battier can also contain some shooting guards and power forwards if needed.

    Most importantly, Battier relies on his intelligence to be an elite stopper. While his mobility will continue to decline over the next few years, expect him to remain a player who makes few mistakes on the floor.

    Battier is also a defender who can create turnovers, block shots and rebound at a effective level.

Knockdown Shooter

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    Miami lacked players who could consistently hit from long range last season. Mike Miller was often hurt and James Jones saw very little playing time down the playoff stretch, meaning very little efficiency came from the supporting cast.

    Now that Shane Battier joins the Heat, look for this problem to disappear.

    Battier is a spot-up shooter who can hit from anywhere along the perimeter. He's not going to create his own shots often, but will be the beneficiary of many kick-outs from a driving LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

    While Battier has never been an elite scorer, he does knock down three-pointers at a solid 39 percent for his career.


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    Continuing the talks about Miami's weaknesses last season, depth has to be mentioned. When players like Juwan Howard or even Jamaal Magloire see the floor in an NBA Finals series there is something wrong.

    Battier brings a 6'8" frame with great length and strength who will fit best at the small forward position. However, he can also use his abilities to often play the 4-spot if needed.

    Alongside James and Wade, Battier fits great in many rotation scenarios and will never be a burden when on the floor. He doesn't have a terrible history of injuries and is also capable of playing heavy minutes down the stretch.

    Having Battier as a sixth man opens up plenty of possibilities that can only make Miami more dangerous. Look for them to capitalize on this with various looks and rotations from coach Erik Spoelstra.

Bye-Bye Mike Miller?

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    Nothing against Mike Miller as a person or player, but his time in Miami has been an utter failure. His lone season was plagued with injuries and he wasn't very effective while on the floor.

    Miller is just coming off surgery and is expected to miss at least a month, but it seems as if he is becoming a liability overall.

    In 41 games last season, Miller shot a brutal 41 percent from the field and shot sub-par from downtown. While he remains a solid rebounder and role player, he has a contract that he has not fulfilled thus far and shows no signs of doing so.

    Cutting Miller would open up more room for Miami to add another possible helper in the paint (besides the whopping Eddy Curry signing), which the Heat also lacked last year.

    Don't get me wrong, Miller can still have plenty of good seasons left in him, but it doesn't look like it will be with Miami. Using the granted amnesty clause on the former Rookie of the Year seems like the best move at this point.

    Look for Battier to fill the role that Miller was brought in for, but possibly with more effect.