Boston Celtics Rumors: Chris Paul Trade a Win Even If He Leaves at Season's End

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 8, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - OCTOBER 23:  Chris Paul of Team Blue walks down court during the US Fleet Tracking Basketball Invitational charity basketball game October 23, 2011 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The game benefitted the Single Parents Support Network of Oklahoma City .  (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Brett Deering/Getty Images

If the Celtics pull off the Chris Paul trade, it is a positive move for the franchise. Indications are that they and the Lakers are leading the charge for the Hornets star point guard. Many fans are wary, as Paul has not agreed to sign an extension, so the Celtics could be parting with Rajon Rondo, subsequently ending up with neither point guard.

How is that positive? Rondo is a bit overrated if you consider him a building block for a franchise that would literally be starting over. He is a great option for a team with established scorers, but that isn't what the Celtics will be after Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are gone. Both future Hall of Famers are scheduled to be free agents after this season.

It behooves the Celtics to be proactive in rebuilding the franchise. If Paul takes a liking to Boston, which is possible, he stays and you build around him. Everyone except Shaq seems to know that Paul is a better point guard than Rondo. At 26, he still has at least five years at a very high level of play.

If he leaves, then now you have upwards of $58 million free from the salary cap to spend on the free agent classes of 2012 and 2013.

Remember, this isn't Cleveland or New Orleans, this is Boston. One of the two biggest and most successful basketball cities in the country. Free agency is not as big of a gamble for the Celtics as it is for teams like the Hornets, Cavaliers, etc.

It is a great move for Beantown, and in the end, CP3 just may end up married to the Knicks in 2012, where he prefers to be. He'd just have to go on one more date before then, you never know, he may just fall in love.

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