6 San Francisco 49ers Who Need Long-Term Extensions

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IDecember 8, 2011

6 San Francisco 49ers Who Need Long-Term Extensions

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    The San Francisco 49ers are rolling towards the beginning of the real NFL season: the playoffs.

    Looking ahead, however, there are a handful of important members of the team that need long-term extensions, or the 49ers risk losing them in the offseason.

    General manager Trent Baalke should get consideration for the NFL Executive of the Year award. He has masterfully put together a phenomenal group of men, while also helping to find the right man to lead the team.

    It's hard to question him, as just about everything he's touched this season has turned to gold.

    Still, I get a bit nervous just watching the weeks go by without any surprise announcement from the club. I remember how pleased I was when I found out that Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis had been given long-term extensions.

    So, when will the next one come?

Joshua Morgan

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    One of the biggest complaints I hear from fans about what the 49ers are lacking is that the team doesn't have enough good wide receivers.

    Joshua Morgan was going to be a big part of the passing attack this season before a broken leg shut him down for the year. Tough break for a kid who already dealt with a staph infection that drained him and caused him to lose the good portion of a season. 

    I hope the team signs Morgan to at least a three-year deal. 

    Morgan is sneaky—he never looks like he's doing much in the game and then, bang! He catches a simple slant and takes it to the house.

    The 49ers could use his solid skills in the years to come. 

Ahmad Brooks

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    Ahmad Brooks is a play-making outside linebacker that needs to be signed to a long-term extension. 

    So far this season, Brooks has gotten to the quarterback six times and has forced one fumble. 

    He's not an elite talent like rookie Aldon Smith, but the 49ers can't have too many pass-rushers. He could be locked up for three to four years for under $5 million a season. 

    Not bad for a guy that is on track for eight sacks this season. 

Dashon Goldson

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    The 49ers got lucky to get Dashon Goldson back at such a bargain rate this season. Next year they won't have that kind of fortune; the Niners need to lock him up now.

    Goldson is having the best year of his career, racking up 51 tackles, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, four interceptions and six passes defended.

    He is playing well within the system defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has in place. He has really rocked the house a couple of times this year, bringing the Wooo back to the Bay.

    The 49ers need to sign him to a four- to six-year extension and keep him happy and playing well.

Carlos Rogers

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    Is there any doubt that Carlos Rogers is a top five NFL cornerback? He has been one of the catalysts for the success of the 49ers defense.

    He has been known as having hands of stone, and was know for dropping interceptions during his tenure with the Washington Redskins

    Problem solved.

    Rogers has intercepted five passes this season, good for fourth in the NFL. He has additionally gotten his hands on 15 other passes. 

    Rogers has expressed a willingness earlier this season for a long-term extension with the 49ers. I'm wondering why it hasn't happened yet.

Alex Smith

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    Alex Smith needs a long-term extension, stat! The 49ers quarterback is playing like a champion. 

    Through 12 weeks, Smith has developed into a cool, confident quarterback that doesn't get jittery under fire and who has a propensity to remind folks that he has ice-water in his veins. 

    Smith leads the NFL with four fourth quarter comeback wins.

    In addition to his clutch performances, Smith has also been careful with the football, something that is mandatory for championship football. 

    Smith has stated that he wants to wait until the end of the season, but I want the team to get him locked up before he gets any better. The team could use the extra cap space.

Adam Snyder

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    Adam Snyder is the MVP of the 49ers offense. This much was clear when the team was manhandled and dismantled without him in Baltimore.

    Snyder is the stabilizing force that keeps the offensive line cohesive. He bridges the gap between youngster Anthony Davis and Jonathan Goodwin, the veteran center who is in his first year with the 49ers.

    The 49ers need to get him signed to a long-term deal that would have him retire as a 49er.