NFL Records: Can Oakland Raiders End Green Bay Packers Perfect Season?

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NFL Records: Can Oakland Raiders End Green Bay Packers Perfect Season?
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The Oakland Raiders are doing better with Al Davis out of the way, but are they ready for this challenge?

I used to feel sorry for Oakland Raiders fans. They were stuck with an increasingly out-of-touch Al Davis and an old stadium in an economically depressed city.

I used to feel Philadelphia fans were the worst. While every fanbase has its bad apples, none had as pervasive an attitude that an opposing fan had no right to root for their team without being harassed and even threatened.

Then I moved to the Bay Area and saw the instigating first hand, both at the Oakland Coliseum and Candlestick Park. I have witnessed treatment of fans of other teams in eight cities throughout North America. The worst among Raiders fans go further than any others, actually perpetrating violence on opposing fans.

I know this is only the lunatic fringe of the fanbase, but this level of extremism is not tolerated elsewhere. It is the predictable result of more pervasive attitudes of intolerance—I have yet to meet a Raiders fan who does not hate the Niners and have yet to be given a reason such as some wrong they committed...this includes from people in my own church that is in Oakland.

I have to give the Raiders fans credit for staying loyal through eight lean years. However, hating any group because of a team affiliation does not make you more loyal to your team, and intolerance is never something to be celebrated.

The tongue is the rudder for the soul, and speaking these attitudes fosters such an intolerant environment. Compare the sinister identity the Raiders embrace with the small-town, fan-owned, non-profit Green Bay Packers who dumped a prima donna quarterback for one who takes the high road every time the controversy is brought up.

This is a classic battle of good vs. evil.

It makes for good television, but that storyline would only get you through the first quarter. The Packers pursuit of perfection might get you to check the score regularly after that. But let me tell you why this is the last, best chance for someone to beat the Packers, and why you should watch for the entire game...

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