WWE Confiscates Anti-John Cena Signs at RAW—But Cena Still Sucks

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

Everybody should know that I am not a John Cena fan. I do not like him as a wrestler; I think he has the in-ring skills of a blind gorilla. That's why I was so happy that it was finally acknowledged that the WWE confiscates anti-Cena signs.

Whenever I attend RAW, I always take a anti-Cena sign and everytime I'm told, "Sir, I'm going to need your sign, it's inappropriate."

But back in June when RAW came to my city, I made a sign that I knew Cena would have to see.

So there I was in the second row and as he's looking around, I'm holding up my sign which read, "I hate John Cena's Parents (I Really Do!!!)."

All of a sudden, he locked eyes on my sign and he was very p*ssed about the sign. I mean he had "I hate you" written all over his face!lol

This past Monday two anti-Cena signs were very visible on camara. The signs read,"Cuck Fena" and the traditional, "We've Cena 'Nuff!" Now of course these signs were confiscated, but you know what—I'm proud of those anti-Cena fans.

I think it's a shame that the WWE Universe can't view our opinions (or our hate) towards Mr. Cena. We can't even have the classic "Cena sucks!" sign. I mean, what happened to freedom of speech?

There is always a guy on a headset sitting by the announcers, and he is the person in charge of directing security to confiscate questionable fan signs, at least upon hearing from the people in the production truck. Sometimes he'll even get out of his chair and confiscate the questionable fan signs himself. HE SUCKS!!!

To end this I'll say that I'm proud to stand by all anti-Cena fans, whether you're African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, tall or short. Anti-Cena fans, you have a friend in Jabot.

Note: At WrestleMania 24 there were some fans in the front row who had custom made shirts on that read, "I hate Cena," or something similar to that. Well, if you just happen to run across this article, contact me at: jayson_legend@yahoo.com. My cousin and I are interested in buying the shirts—that is, if you're selling them.