NBA Free Agents: Tyson Chandler and Top Players Sacramento Kings Should Target

Joseph Goode@!/JoeGoodeFitnessCorrespondent IIIDecember 7, 2011

NBA Free Agents: Tyson Chandler and Top Players Sacramento Kings Should Target

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    The Sacramento Kings are far under the salary cap, and they need to hit the league floor of $17 million in order to meet league requirements.  

    The only problem is that they may have to overspend on talent to meet that number. With a less than impressive free-agent class, there is still talent out there that can improve the King's team.  

    Although the Kings have future stars in DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, bringing in veteran players would get this team to the next level.

Marcus Thornton and Samuel Dalembert

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    The Kings top priority in this free agency is to re-sign Marcus Thornton and Samuel Dalembert. 

    These two players were integral parts of the Kings success at the end of the last season. They both provide the leadership and scoring that the Kings needs.  

    Dalembert is the perfect complement to Cousins with his defensive prowess, but many title contenders are looking to sign him for his services. The Kings can offer him the most money out on the market, and he has stated that he enjoys playing in Sacramento.  

    Marcus Thornton is a player who brings instant offense and will likely be coming off the bench if Jimmer can be a true point guard for this team. Thornton needs to be the Kings top priority as we all want to see how they can do with a healthy Tyreke Evans next season. 

Chuck Hayes

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    I remember watching Chuck Hayes at Modesto Christian in High School, and I could have sworn that he was 6’10”. He is actually a 6’6” center in the NBA, and plays a lot of bigger than he really is.  

    The guy plays with a lot of heart, but I am not quite sure if the Kings should shell out money for a player like him. DeMarcus Cousins needs a shot blocking center next to him that will protect the rim.  

    Hayes plays solid post defense and hustles, which is good coming off the bench, but Jason Thompson fills that void.

Shane Battier

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    Shane Battier is looking to sign with a contender, but he brings leadership, defense and a three-point shot, which is exactly what the Kings need. He never needs the ball in his hands, which would be perfect as the rest of the Kings have a "shoot-first" mentality.  

    Geoff Petrie will likely reach out to Battier’s agent to see what type of money would bring him to Sacramento because the Kings desperately need his talent. 

DeAndre Jordan

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    Restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan is high on the Clippers priority list, and his agent is looking to get a $10 million a year contract from them.  

    There are a few teams willing to spend that kind of money on Jordan, and the Sacramento Kings are one of them.  

    Jordan is a super athletic, defensive-minded center who would complement Cousins just as Dalembert had. He is very young and raw, but would be able to develop with the other young King's talent.

    The only problem is that Jordan is foul prone, and it scares me when Cousins also makes those same mistakes. 

J.J. Barea

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    J.J. Barea exploded on the scene in the playoffs last year by decimating the Lakers, Thunder and Heat with his speed and quickness. 

    He is the consummate sixth guy off of the bench and can bring a spark plug in games.  

    I don’t see the Kings necessarily needing a spark plug type of player with the likes of Thornton and Fredette on the squad. The Kings must spend wisely. 

    If the Kings sign Barea, he would only be a luxury and hinder the development of Jimmer Fredette.

Caron Butler

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    Coming off of a nasty injury last season, Caron Butler is looking for a team to take him on and trust him to be their starting small forward.  

    The Kings have a huge void at the small forward position and could definitely use Butler’s leadership and skill set. Butler would able to keep Cousins under control and help the Kings snag the eighth playoff spot. 

    Butler would likely want to sign with a contender, and the Kings could and should offer him the most money possible. Signing Butler would be a great move.

Tayshaun Prince

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    Prince is another player looking to get on another title contending team.  He brings a defensive presence and is someone who has a championship pedigree.  

    When Prince is motivated, he is a very good player that does everything well at the small forward position.  

    It would definitely be hard for the Kings to try and convince Prince to come to Sacramento, but he can really bring structure to this young Kings squad. 

    If the Kings were to sign Prince, I would worry that Prince might not play at the level that he should if he doesn’t see the Kings as a title contender. It is definitely going to be hard to get a title-motivated veteran on this young Kings team.

Josh Howard

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    Josh Howard was an All-Star just a few years back with the Dallas Mavericks. Since then, he has had a YouTube debacle about the president, injuries and has been traded. 

    Howard should be completely healthy when the season begins and will be looking to revive his career. He is athletic enough to guard both the shooting guard and small forward spots and can shoot the three-point shot out on the wings.  

    Signing Howard to a two-year contract would be a smart move for both parties as the Kings need a small forward and Howard is determined to get back to his old form. 

Nick Young

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    Nick Young exploded on the scene last season as a legit scoring/shooting guard. He has a range that extends well pass the three-point line and is athletic enough to finish around the rim. 

    Many teams are still trying to figure out if he can be a legitimate starting shooting guard in this league or if he is better suited as a sixth man off the bench in the mold of Jamal Crawford.  

    Personally, I don’t believe the Kings should target another guard, and a scoring guard for that matter. We already have Jimmer Fredette and Marcus Thornton, who are very similar. 

    The Kings will likely pursue Young if they cannot sign Thornton. 

Tyson Chandler

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    Everyone should have noticed the difference that Tyson Chandler made on the Dallas Mavericks with his defensive presence, rebounding and fire to win. 

    Chandler is definitely a game-changer that can take a team to the next level, and that is why he is a coveted player.  

    He would actually be an upgrade over Samuel Dalembert, who is a similar player, but Chandler brings the leadership that Dalembert lacked. 

    The 29-year-old is still relatively young, but has logged a lot of mileage on his body. He will not be the same type of impact player that he is now by the end of his new contract that he signs this off-season.

    He will command over $10 million a season from some team, and the Kings will entice him to bring his tenacity to the young Kings team by being able to offer the most money on the market.