1. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle on Tyson Chandler: "He definitely will make these guys better. He definitely will bring them closer together."

  2. Tyson Chandler (right hamstring strain) is listed as doubtful to play Sunday in #SunsAtRaptors.

  3. Bledsoe (knee) and Chandler (illness) will play tonight. #SunsVsWarriors

  4. Suns Lose to Clippers Despite Big Night from Chandler

  5. Can Chandler Fill the Mavs with Regret Yet Again?

  6. Love Tyson Chandler already.

  7. Tammy from the @AzMilkProducers interviews @tysonchandler for his official growth poster. https://t.co/Pja9aRcWJN

  8. So nice, @TysonChandler did it twice. Another dunk this time off a Tucker alley-oop! #SunsVsBlazers #NashROH https://t.co/otiQw2U26C

  9. Chandler Doesn't Mince Words About Dallas Split

  10. Chandler Rips Mavericks After Departure

  11. Carlisle Says Mavs Should Retire Chandler's Old Number

  12. Take a look at the alley from P.J. Tucker and the oop by @TysonChandler! #SunsVsBlazers #NashROH https://t.co/LrFmrilHsZ

  13. End of 1st quarter in Phoenix: Suns 27, Blazers 23. Lillard with 7, Aminu 5 points, 5 rebounds. Tyson Chandler has 10.

  14. That makes it a double-double for @tysonchandler tonight! 14 points and 10 rebounds. #SunsVsBlazers

  15. Cuban Says Tyson Chandler 'Has Right to Be Salty' at Mavs

  16. Lin Explains How to Fit in the NBA

  17. Suns' Chandler on Markieff Drama: All This Stuff Will Be Forgotten

  18. Tyson Chandler scores 15pts & hauls in 13rebs to lead @Suns to a 110-92 win v. @trailblazers on #NashROH night https://t.co/LcEgky2o2L

  19. Alley-oop to @tysonchandler to put the Suns on the board? Works for us. #SunsAtBlazers

  20. Pros and Cons of a Twin Towers Lineup

  21. Can Chandler Provide Enough Leadership for Suns?

  22. What to Expect from Tyson Chandler This Season

  23. Tyson Chandler & Mason Plumlee mix it up after Plumlee cut TC off from running back. Chandler kept Plumlee down. Double T. #SunsAtBlazers

  24. HIGHLIGHT: We'll never get tired of seeing @TysonChandler do this. #SunsAtBlazers https://t.co/GSGHFrlHNU

  25. Tyson Chandler spent most of halftime warmup showing Alex Len where to go to his left hand and right hand from the block. #SunsAtBlazers

  26. Suns quote of the night ... Tyson Chandler: "We've got to enjoy being the villains." #SunsAtBlazers

  27. HUGE alley-oop to @tysonchandler and the Suns are on a 10-0 run and cut the Clippers lead to 4! #SunsAtClippers https://t.co/dKsTg8RaWc

  28. Tyson Chandler has 3 alleyoop dunks tonight. That roll was big in why they wanted him. He has 7 dunks in 3 games. LAC 58-54. #SunsAtClippers

  29. Here's a look at that @tysonchandler lob for you to enjoy over, and over, and over again. #SunsAtClippers https://t.co/TXBEx5tQ6w

  30. Tyson Chandler has outboarded the defending rebound champ, DeAndre Jordan, 15-6. Only 4 Clips 2nd-chance points after 3Q. #SunsAtClippers

  31. That right there, is @tysonchandler, and he's 7 foot 1. https://t.co/3QNfeiugZg

  32. Tyson Chandler has 16 boards. The last Suns player to do that was Miles Plumlee almost a year ago. #SunsAtClippers

  33. So @tysonchandler spent a lot of Monday night soaring in the air. #SunsAtClippers https://t.co/4S9YmIs4yF

  34. Despite a tough loss, @tysonchandler was dominant and is the @CarlsJR Star of the Game. https://t.co/HvfYSuo3aC

  35. Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler involved in bizarre double block play. https://t.co/sgPKY0GR5d https://t.co/JIR5gUAxcN

  36. Tyson Chandler said a 17-board game was just for starters Monday. He grabbed 6 boards in tonight's first 8 minutes. PHX 20-14 #SunsVsKings

  37. Suns center @tysonchandler is introduced prior to the team's practice at Luke AFB. #HoopsForTroops #SunsCares https://t.co/Czy94XZsSI

  38. Video: Tyson Chandler with the half-courter to win a signed jersey for a hero. https://t.co/CQwRBsYPB0 https://t.co/rJbOpZxK0p

  39. Meet @tysonchandler at @TS_Resort's #SunsTriviaFanFest this Wednesday! Details ➡️ https://t.co/dDA0b83F8d https://t.co/rmU3fSvIS9

  40. Tyson Chandler's presence is opening up the three pointer for the rest of the team https://t.co/6gXqZFWZHW https://t.co/NwkVQicMoY

  41. Win courtside seats & meet @tysonchandler tomorrow night at @TS_Resort! Details ➡️ https://t.co/dDA0b83F8d https://t.co/ECa6fylOwU

  42. TODAY: meet @tysonchandler at @TS_Resort for #SunsTriviaNight beginning at 6 pm! Details ➡️ https://t.co/dDA0b83F8d https://t.co/smp1j83HB5

  43. The Suns' @tysonchandler will sign autographs from 6 to 7 tonight at Talking Stick Resort's Showroom (at 101 & Indian Bend, not the arena).

  44. Going up on a Wednesday! #SunsTriviaNight at @TS_Resort with @tysonchandler . https://t.co/OsFCBDRnmU

  45. Call @TysonChandler the window washer because he's cleaning up the glass! Catch #SunsVsNuggets on @FOXSportsAZ https://t.co/QGZvlsMyn7

  46. "It has to be about us and how we prepare each and every night." - @tysonchandler on #SunsVsLakers

  47. Starting for the Phoenix Suns: PG: Eric Bledsoe SG: Brandon Knight SF: P.J. Tucker PF: Jon Leuer C: Tyson Chandler