NFL 2008 Look Back: Top 10 Regular Season Game

Drake EckCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

There were MANY great games in the 2008 NFL regular season. These are 10 games that if you missed them, you wish you would have watched.

10. Week 9 New England vs Indianapolis

A game that the Colts really needed to win at the time. A good hard fought battle. First time Manning played the Pats without Brady in a LONG time. The Patriots could have at LEAST tied it despite David Thomas' IDIOTIC, UNNECESSARY, IGNORANT 15 yard personal faul which put them out of field goal range.


9. Week 16 Carolina vs New York

These are two of the best teams in the NFL. And this was a GREAT game that went into OT. Absolutely great game.


8. Week 10 Indianapolis vs Pittsburgh

This is was a GREAT game. The Colts travel to Pittsburgh underdogs by seven. Give the Steelers all they have, and end up winning. Two late interceptions REALLY killed the Steelers, and the Steelers ALMOST completed the Hail Mary...but Melvin Bullit made sure that didn't happen.


7. Week 4 Washington vs Dallas

This was a HUGE upset. Washington travels to THEN undefeated Dallas and downs them in Big D. WHAT HAPPENED "AMERICAS TEAM" YOU LET AMERICA DOWN. REMEMBER YOUR "GODS TEAM" YOU CAN DO NO WRONG. Ahh f*ck Dallas im so happy they are struggling this year. GOOD JOB WASHINGTON...only thing is, you couldn't sweep them.


6. Week 2 Indianapolis vs Minnesota

The Colts make a great comeback to beat Minnesota.


5. Week 12 Indianapolis vs San Diego

Colts convert a huge and very very risky fourth down to set up Vinatieri for a 51 yard game winning field goal and get their revenge on the San Diego Chargers who had beaten them the previous three times.


4. Week 2 Philadelphia vs Dallas

A very very good game. Philly fought Dallas to the very end. Unfortunately they couldn't pull of the upset BUT can hopefully get revenge by beating them this week.


3. Week 5 Indianapolis vs Houston

This was honestly the most improbable incredible comeback I have EVER seen in my whole entire life. The Colts were down by 17 late in the FOURTH QUARTER and score 21 consecutive points in just two minutes in four seconds. The biggest play I thought that no one really remembers was the first of three TDs in the fourth quarter for the Colts, the play on fourth down Manning squeezes into a tight window for a VERY important TD to Tom Santi.


2. Week 1 Carolina vs San Diego

I can only IMAGINE what it was like to be a Chargers fan in this game, I would probably have shot myself in the foot. I feel your pain Chargers Fanatics. I saw the Colts go down this year on the last play of the game against the Jaguars it was TERRIBLE..the first time I had ever witnessed the Colts going down like that. BUT either way this was a GREAT game.


1. Week 2 San Diego vs Denver

This game went down to the final seconds. A controversial call near the end really ripped off San Diego but I'm happy it happened.


Honorable Mentions:
Week 10 Denver vs Cleveland
Week 9 Detroit vs Chicago
Week 9 Green Bay vs Tennessee
Week 10 Green Bay vs Minnesota
Week 10 New York vs Philadelphia
Week 10 San Francisco vs Arizona
Week 11 Denver vs Atlanta
Week 11 Arizona vs Seattle
Week 13 Indianapolis vs Cleveland
Week 16 Indianapolis vs Jacksonville