Philadelphia Eagles: Why Jason Babin Is the Most Frustrating Eagles Player

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2011

Jason Babin is an excellent pass rusher but makes no effort to play the run
Jason Babin is an excellent pass rusher but makes no effort to play the runRob Carr/Getty Images

I have to start this article by saying that I really have been unimpressed with Eagles defensive end Jason Babin. I go to the home games and I watch him regularly. I watched him in Tennessee and I was not a fan of signing him. 

There are several reasons why Babin drives me absolutely crazy.  First, Babin is primarily a first half player, meaning he starts the season out really strong and then fades in the second half. 

We are seeing that again this year from Babin.  After a strong first six games, Babin's production has tailed off.

That is to be expected, as Babin has done that throughout his career. That was one of the reasons I was not a fan of paying Babin a lot of money in the first place. The Eagles were paying a ton of money to a guy who only plays well for the first half of the season.

Another reason why Babin is so frustrating is that he is terrible against the run. Babin sells out the run almost every play. He is undersized, which makes it hard for him to play the run in the first place. He has always been primarily a pass-rushing specialist, but this season, it seems like he does not even try on running plays.

Babin was one of the primary reasons the Eagles went to a wide nine. He played the wide nine in Tennessee and had a lot of sacks.

He has a lot of sacks this year as well, but at the price of huge holes in the running game.

The problem is the wide nine starts the defensive ends out wider than normal. Babin takes it to another level though, because on most plays, he goes even wider trying to go around the offensive lineman. 

So he starts wide, which creates a running hole, and then goes even wider, creating a hole that anyone could run through. 

It's one thing to struggle against the run or to get pushed around by getting blocked. Babin just creates huge holes himself, inviting them to run right by him.

For that reason, he is extremely frustrating to watch.

As the Eagles continue to get gashed by the running game, and Babin's production continues to tail off, I can't help but become increasingly frustrated with the money they are paying him.

Babin needs to stop selling out the running game and at least give an honest effort to stop the run. Right now, it seems like the only thing he worries about is getting sacks, which pads his numbers, but hurts the defense as a whole. 

That's the problem with the 2011 Eagles in general. Babin represents everything that is wrong with the team because he is playing for himself. He is more worried about his production than that of the entire team. 

The 2011 Eagles are a bunch of individuals. That's why the team is 4-8.