WWE/TNA: Matt Morgan Could Be a Major Star One Day

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WWE/TNA: Matt Morgan Could Be a Major Star One Day
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Matt Morgan is currently in TNA Impact Wrestling. He is also one half of tag team champions. He is partnered up with Crimson in a division with only one team appearing on TV regularly (Mexican America).

I am no "fantasy booker," but that does not sound too exciting to me.

However, I have always liked Matt Morgan. His size speaks for itself, and he has a marketable name. It may seem like a small thing, but "Matt Morgan" sounds great.

His matches do not excite me very much, and his sills on the microphone are pretty ordinary. It is just my opinion, but those factors can be worked out. For this argument going forward, I am going to ignore his first run with WWE. It was bad, and that is in the past.

You can't teach size. You can't teach personality. You can't teach a nice look (usually).

That is why a recent Q and A session with Morgan peaked my interest in his future. It was very interesting to read. Here is the first quote:

""Happy where I'm at. Biz changes so often though,that's why u keep options open."

I like this quote. He is not bashing his current employer, but he is also a smart man. You need to keep your options in life. I really dislike people burning their bridges.

Not just in the wrestling business! I mean in every aspect in life. Burning bridges is just not something you ever want to do. Just my two cents...

Here is Matt Morgan's next quote when asked if he would consider a return to WWE:

"Yes. But I'm ecstatic where I am now,so...I'm good."

Again, Matt is a smart guy. He knows WWE is the major leagues. He knows where the money, fame, attention, fans, and big time performers are at: WWE.

He knows this.

I have said many times that TNA has not created one real star in this business. I still stand by that, which is why I would love to see a bright future for Morgan.

It is entirely his choice, but the man has all the skills to be a real star in this business one day. It certainly is not going to happen in DixieLand. Not in Orlando in front of 1,000 tourists who get in a sound stage for free.

Morgan is one of the few TNA stars I would sign in a heartbeat. It is just my opinion, but I can count maybe five stars on Impact worth going to WWE one day.

Matt Morgan is one of them!

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