NFL Playoff Predictions: Tim Tebow Meltdown Coming in January

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NFL Playoff Predictions: Tim Tebow Meltdown Coming in January
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Tim Tebow is a winner who will at some point lose.

And the meltdown many expect will be waiting for the Denver Broncos star at the doorstep of the NFL playoffs. 

First, the good news for those Broncos fans who have given up rational thought to concede that a quarterback who can't play quarterback is a good choice for their long-term quarterback:

Well, you are going to the playoffs—with the help of some mystic power that makes every single team Tebow faces look like the Rams on a bad day. 

The Raiders and Broncos are in a mad dash for the finish line. With the Broncos' defense playing the way it has been, I give the edge to the Broncos shocking us all by beating Oakland to the playoff punch. 

Again, much of my confidence in the Broncos right now rests in mystical ideas such as momentum and poise. I feel nauseated in stating this, but you just can't bet against Tebow right now. The thought that he "is a winner" made me puke since it explained nothing in how he succeeds. 

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After watching him get the Broncos close to the postseason, I am willing to believe in just about anything. If you have any unicorns or leprechauns that need viewing, I am inclined to believe such things now. 

However, the luck and good fortune is bound to run out. What's left is a gifted athlete who can't throw the ball precisely but a handful of times a game. By the time the playoffs roll around, the blueprint on stopping the wildcat with Tebow will be out. 

What has me fearful for the Broncos' savior is the team that he is likely to see. If he does get that far, the team that will be waiting for Tebow in January is bound to be either the Steelers or Ravens. If things play out the way they should, the Broncos would have the fourth seed with the AFC Division win. 

That would give them one of the Wild Cards that could be the Steelers, Ravens or even the New York Jets

There are a lot of games left to be played, so this is highly speculative. But it looks like Tebow is going to get a ridiculously stout defense in the first round. 

If you are hoping for the fairy tale to continue well into January, you are fooling yourself. These teams would fall over themselves to get a matchup against a team without a quarterback—which is essentially what the Broncos are right now. 

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