The 25 Nastiest Finishes in MMA History

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The 25 Nastiest Finishes in MMA History

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    The term "nasty" is described by Urban Dictionary as being an unreal maneuver of incredible technique or to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing.

    In mixed martial arts, nasty aptly applies to any number of amazing moves that are pulled off in the cage.

    But what really catches fans eyes are the insane finishes that require both skill and have a hint of flash to them.  

    Some finishes are brutal, others are more technical, but on this list they all have one thing in common—they are sick.

    Here are the 25 nastiest finishes in MMA history.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Josh Burkman: The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale

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    Taking on Josh Burkman at the Ultimate Fighter Season 7 finale, Dustin Hazelett showed off his amazing submission skills when he caught his opponent in a modified armbar.

    One of the best submissions of 2008, this was one brutal finish.

Shinya Aoki vs. Mizuto Hirota: Fields Dynamite 2009

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    Going into their 2009 bout, Shinya Aoki and Mizuto Hirota had a little bit of a beef.

    Aoki settled the score with a police-style hammerlock that ended up breaking Hirota's arm.

    Not content with just the submission win, Aoki proceeded to flip off Hirota after the bout was ended, a controversial end after a nasty finish.

Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton: UFC 34

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    Carlos Newton almost defended his UFC welterweight crown at UFC 34, as he had Matt Hughes pretty much unconscious with a triangle choke.

    But as the wavering Hughes was about to go out, he slammed Newton to the ground, knocking him out.

    This fight had one of the nastiest finishes in a championship bout.

Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell: The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale

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    You can never really count Scott Smith out, even if he's balled over in pain from repeated body shots.

    Pete Sell learned that the hard way when he ran into finish Smith, only to be met with a fist square to his jaw.

    Smith was able to knock Sell out, but the end had an even nastier finish as both men were left lying in pain on the canvas.

Lyoto Machida vs. Rashad Evans: UFC 98

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    Rashad Evans didn't even know what hit him when he faced Lyoto Machida in their title fight at UFC 98.

    Barraged with kicks and punches from the karate master, Evans could not deal with the funky angles and elusiveness, succumbing to a brutal knockout as the Machida era rang in.

    The look on Evans' face as he hit the floor was priceless.

Shaun Parker vs. Tyler Bryan: LFC 25

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    What's better than one knockout? How about a double knockout!

Kid Yamamoto vs. Kazuyuki Miyata: K-1 Hero's 5

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    It took Kid Yamamoto only four seconds to knockout Kazuyuki Miyata with a flying knee.

    This finish was one of the quickest, yet nastiest knockouts from this lighter-weight legend.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Cro Cop: UFC 70

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    Nobody expected grappling ace Gabriel Gonzaga to stand and bang with Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 70.

    However, that's just what he did, as he kept the fight on the feet when he took on the deadly kickboxer.

    Not only did Gonzaga beat Cro Cop at his own game, but he finished him with his own signature move, knocking Cro Cop out with a kick to the head.

Yahir Reyes vs. Estevan Payan: Bellator 6

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    Yahir Reyes' spinning backfist knockout of Estevan Payan was one of the most exciting finishes in Bellator history.

    Not only did it provide a moment of extreme entertainment, but it helped put Bellator on the map as one of the most exciting up-and-coming promotions.

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie: Pride 10

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    The Gracie pride prevented Renzo Gracie from tapping at Pride 10.

    Not wanting to let Kazushi Sakuraba get the better of him in his own world of grappling, Gracie refused to submit and let his arm get broken in one of the most vicious kimuras in the sport's history.

Brian Ebersole vs. Shannon Forrester: XFC: Return of the Hulk

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    Brian Ebersole may not be the greatest at any particular discipline, but one technique he is a definite master of is the cartwheel kick.

    Just ask Shannon Forrester, who was on the wrong side of this deadly gymnastic move in 2009.

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort: UFC 126

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    One of the most basic techniques in all of martial arts, the front kick has been grossly under utilized as a knockout move. That is, until Anderson Silva planted one right on Vitor Belfort's jaw at UFC 126.

    Successfully defending his title yet again, Silva showed that even the simplest of moves can be devastating.

Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Liddell: UFC 88

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    After winning the Ultimate Fighter, Rashad Evans enjoyed a meteoric rise to MMA stardom that brought him to a huge fight against Chuck Liddell.

    Capitalizing on his new-found fame, Evans put an exclamation mark on it by serving Liddell his own medicine, catching him with a brutal overhand right that would become a Knockout of the Year winner.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Rampage Jackson: Pride 28

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    In the trilogy of matches between Wanderlei Silva and Rampage Jackson, none stands out more than their battle at Pride 28.

    Utilizing a devastating Thai clinch, Silva put away his loud-mouth foe with a barrage of knees that sent Jackson right out of the ring.

Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia: UFC Fight Night 24

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    Chan Sung Jung made Eddie Bravo proud with his Twister submission of Leonard Garcia in their rematch.

    Every time I look at it, I can't help but wince in pain.

Anderson Silva vs. Ryo Chonan: Pride Shockwave 2004

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    One of the rare times that you will find Anderson Silva on the wrong end of a decision, Ryo Chonan shocked fans in 2004 with his flying scissor heel hook.

    Catching the future UFC champion with this out-of-nowhere technique, Chonan showed that even the greatest can get caught off guard.

Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia: UFC 48

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    There's a reason that fighters tap in the Octagon—it's so that they can keep their limbs.

    Apparently, Tim Sylvia didn't get the memo, as his arm was viciously broken by Frank Mir at UFC 48.  

    If an almost 300-pound man has my arm in a lock, there's no way I'm not tapping out.

Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson: WEC 41

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    UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo is one of the most exciting fighters in the world, and he's one of the most dangerous.

    Taking on Cub Swanson at WEC 41, it would only take a few seconds for the future champion to finish his opponent.

    With an amazing flying knee, Aldo left Swanson rolling over in pain after this nasty finish.

Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture: UFC 129

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    Black House teammate Lyoto Machida one-upped Anderson Silva with his version of the front kick at UFC 129.

    Facing Randy Couture in his farewell bout, Machida sent the legend flying into retirement with a Karate Kid style jumping front kick.

    Although Steven Seagal takes credit for the move, I think Mr. Miyagi has him beat by a few decades.

Toby Imada vs. Jorge Masvidal: Bellator 5

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    This amazing feat of athleticism and flexibility also helped make a name for Bellator as they first started out.

    In just their fifth event, Toby Imada showed that amazing submissions can be just as nasty as knockouts, catching Jorge Masvidal in an inverted triangle that still has fans talking.

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin: UFC 101

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    Moving up to light-heavyweight for only the second time, Anderson Silva faced off against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.

    A clear disparity in skills was seen that night, as Silva decimated Griffin on the feet.

    Knocking him down on a few occasions, it would be a casual walking away jab that finally floored Griffin, proving just how dangerous Anderson Silva really is.

BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson: UFC 80

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    Great standup, a brutal submission and a ton of blood, BJ Penn's championship-winning rear-naked choke against Joe Stevenson was one of the nastiest finishes of Penn's career.

    Looking at Stevenson's face after the fight, you can't get much nastier than that.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Igor Vovchanchyn: Pride Total Elimination 2003

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    This 2003 knockout was vintage Cro Cop.

    Taking on Igor Vovchanchyn, the Croatian striking ace used his signature head kick to leave his opponent lying stiff on the canvas.

    When his foot hit Vovchanchyn's head, the smack resonated through the arena and probably caused shock waves around the world.

Rampage Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona: Pride Critical Countdown 2004

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    As Ricardo Arona unfortunately had to learn for himself, don't triangle Rampage Jackson.

    In most cases, the only person that will be unconscious is the one attempting the submission, as the monstrous Rampage has no qualms about slamming you to the ground.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping: UFC 100

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    Seeing Dan Henderson fly through the air as he finishes Michael Bisping at UFC 100 is a sight of beauty that never gets old.

    His initial punch that floored the Brit was pretty nasty, but his aerial smash that followed is the single-best finish I have ever seen.

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