Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: The Jedi Returns to New York

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

What a fantastic season this has been for Dolphin fans across the globe. Coming into the season I expected a three win season. After week two it certainly looked like the Dolphins were headed that way. After that dreadful loss to the Cardinals I was preparing to watch my beloved Dolphins get blown out by the Patriots once again. But what's this? Ronnie Brown taking snaps and the Dolphins embarrass the Pats?

Well it seems as though that game brought hope back to Dolphins fans. Especially this incredible run they've been on losing only one of their last nine games. Now following that heart breaker in week one the Dolphins head north to take on their on field commander's original team playing for a playoff spot.

A win means they likely play the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the playoffs unless the Patriots win and the Ravens lose, then the Dolphins would take on the Indianapolis Colts. But who would've thought at the start of the year that the Dolphins would be playing meaningful games in December? I certainly didn't think so.

I do remember though, about two weeks before the season started hearing this guy basically preaching that the Dolphins would win their division. Making a bold prediction that Tom Brady was going to get injured for the season.

This man was a Jaguars fan by the way, he was not a Dolphins fan by any stretch of the imagination. This man was ridiculed and even I had to throw my two cents in of why it wasn't going to happen. Now, I think the man should be the head psychic of the entire state of Florida, or of the supreme justice system at that. 

The Dolphins will be headed to more cold weather after a frozen shootout in Kansas City to take on their dreaded division rivals, the New York Jets. The key to this game I do believe will be the defense. You do not want to get into a shootout with a Bret Favre led team no matter how old he is.

The key is going to be shutting down Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, not allowing hardly any rushing yards at all, kind of like in Denver week nine in which I personally witnessed them allow only 17 yards of rushing offense against the Denver Broncos. The Dolphins then can focus on the pass and go by Joey Porter's saying "Stop the run and then have fun." the Dolphins have shown they can do this so let's see it this week.

The offense will play a big role as always but if the defense does what it needs to the Dolphins could end up winning with a score of 17. There should be no need for an offense to score 38 points which is great, I wouldn't mind seeing it but I hope they win without having to score that much like last week. Hopefully this game will let our Jedi Master Chad Pennington defeat the Sith Lord Brett Favre in this crucial final week match up.