WWE SmackDown Holiday Special Recap: The 105 Things We Learned

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2011

Tonight's live holiday SmackDown special was, in my opinion, less than average for the blue brand. The show had a few high points but overall I thought for a holiday show, it was far too early in the year.

Even Mick Foley admitted it was a little early. The first match of the evening saw one of the Bellas, it doesn't matter which one, win a strange match which afforded her a kiss from the superstar of her choice.

Judging from the recent week's of Raw it will most likely be Alberto Del Rio. Mick Foley gave us another match later on between Otunga and Orton.

It was essentially a squash in Orton's favor but Wade Barrett made an appearance and gave Orton a good beating which gave Otunga the upper hand, for all of two seconds.

Kofi defeated Tyson Kidd in a match that any other night could have stolen the show given the talent of these two guys.

Kofi was given a squash victory even after making the stupid move to go annoy Michael Cole mid match for no reason.

The 20-man battle royal was won by Hornswoggle in what was the wost thing next to the 52-second Divas match. This could have been a great way to introduce Brodus Clay live, but they skipped his name when making the matches yet again.

Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan in a cage match to retain his title which saw Bryan come close to winning several times.

I have started to make a habit of making these little lists each week which recap each show. The lists are part recap, part questions, part things we learned, part humor and part general observations.

I try and have a little fun when making these since I type them while watching the show so I hope you enjoy reading the 105 things we learned from the special live Holiday SmackDown.

1. WWE feels having a holiday show a month early is OK
2. Even Mick Foley feels its kind of early, and hes playing Santa, what does that tell you
3. Foley loves Christmas like a fat kid loves cake
4. The Ultimate Warrior got a little nod
5. Ha, Saint Mick is a good nickname actually.
6. Daniel Bryan is Tiny Tim and Mark Henry is the Ghost of Christmas fear. He couldn't find a real character name for Henry but he could for Bryan?
7. What is a miracle on 34th street fight?
8. Foley broke his promise to keep Cole away from SmackDown
9. Michael Cole is the worst Rudolph ever, no wonder the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names
10. Josh Matthews feels just fine making fun of Cole while he is dressed up as an elf looking just as stupid, make that more stupid.
11. I guess Matthews is the right height to play and elf
12. Booker T is a second Santa for some reason
13. Mick Foley actually has the perfect build to play Santa
14. Foley wants Booker to be a big dreidel and do a spinerooni (How do you even spell that?)
15. The dreidel song might be the funniest way to do that now that I see it
16. Rhodes wants to confront Booker
17. Not having the mask makes it easier for Cody to see this is stupid
18. Booker says he can still handle his business in the ring, I think he probably can too
19. Why does seeing Cody talk up close make me start talking with a lisp?
20. Mick Foley only says "Five time" three times.
21. So I write an article predicting a match between Rhodes and Booker today, then it happens only hours later? Damn I am good.
22. Anyone could have seen that coming now that I think about it
23. I guess they want to just get the divas segment out of the way early tonight
24. This is the worst match I have seen in a long time, Shockmaster embarrassing
25. How did the announcer know which Bella twin won?
26. The winner gets to kiss whatever superstar they want? what a terrible idea
27. Alberto Del Rio is about to get lucky I guess, you know it's going to be him
28. This could finally be what breaks up the Bellas and makes one of them get a haircut or something
29. I timed the Divas match, 52 seconds
30. The Twitter graphic is being blurred out again, thank God.
31. This is clearly tied in with the "It Begins" thing, which is probably for Jericho. All his previous introductions also made things show static
32. I just realized what might happen, Bryan might lose his match tonight, but then cash in right after and win. I am predicting this at 7:44 Central time, let's see how this pans out
33. WWE was probably never planning on letting Daniel Bryan main event WrestleMania 28
34. WWE is bragging about being the most socially active show last night, which I didn't realize was a thing
35. Jinder Mahal is seems to be insulting Christmas in his language
36. Ted Dibiase is now a supporter of prostate cancer awareness
37. He is also tonight's third Santa
38. Justin Gabriel got a win, I wonder how many people will think this is the beginning of a push for him
39. The Usos are finally getting a little time
40. Sweet, Piper is back
41. He wants a new straight jacket for Christmas
42. Dusty Rhodes is around for the fun too
43. And he has a picture of Lady Gaga eating a corned beef sandwich
44. Golddust is in the Christmas spirit with his daddy
45. I took me a minute to recognize Trent Baretta
46. Otunga is playing the token party pooper
47. We will get to see Otunga face Orton in a match; I am still not sure what the stipulations entail, this should be a squash
48. Who else thinks this would have been a perfect night to bring in Brodus Clay to just destroy the Holiday set? It would get him great heat
49. We still don't know if Kane is returning with or without the mask, seeing it dropped and burning at the end of the video makes it a bit confusing
50. Michael Cole thinks Matthews is an idiot for thinking the computer generated snow is real
51. They're plug for WWE 12 reminds me how disappointed I was in that game
52. Rhodes attacked Booker during an interview
53. Tyson Kidd is getting a jobbers introduction during Kofi's music, I wonder who will win the match, him or Kofi?
54. Kofi feels it is ok to just call an announcer stupid mid match
55. Kofi looks even dumber with the Rudolph hat than Cole did
56. Sheamus is just as confused as I am about what these matches are all about tonight
57. Aksana makes every segment into a 1950's noir film
58. Wait, was tonight her first match on SmackDown, ever? Can someone remind me if she has ever had a match outside of NXT or Superstars?
59. Orton forgot his body oil at home, He has never looked less greasy than in this little segue
60. Am I the only one who loves this commercial for Saints Row 3?
61. Being the gopher for the Executive Vice President o f Talent Relations will not keep you out of a beating from Randy Orton
62. Those cookies looked delicious
63. Cole thinks Otunga has a chance of winning this match
64. We can add candy cane to the list of stupidest weapons ever used in a match, right up there with water bottle
65. Randy Orton feels the need to throw his opponents through any and all decorations in sight
66. Barrett is continuing to get the better of Orton week to week, I like where this is going
67. Mark Henry is not a Christmas type of guy
68. Hornswoggle is wrestling in the battle royal
69. If he wins I riot, in my condo, far away from the WWE where it won't matter
70. This is Yoshi Tatsu's first SmackDown appearance in awhile, we need to see more if him
71. Even Michael Cole doesn't know who Johnny Curtis is, hilarious
72. First its a jobbers intro now Tyson Kidd is getting eliminated by Hornswoggle? What a bad night for the last graduate of the Hart dungeon
73. Brodus Clay should have debuted and won this battle royal
74. Did Titus Oneil go to LSU?
75. Seeing Heath Slater and Sheamus fight is like watching Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy
76. I literally didn't know Tyler Reks was in the match until six men were left
77. Sheamus can kick another ginger clear out of the ring
78. Hornswoggle has enough balls to stand up to Sheamus
79. Why would Sheamus purposely step over the top rope during a battle royal?
80. That's it! I am rioting!
81. Sheamus is able to put Hornswoggle winning behind him in the name of Irish Christmas
82. Was I the only one hoping Finlay was coming out when that music started playing?
83. I miss Finlay
84. The Bellas treat Ricardo Rodriguez worse than Del Rio treats him
85. Hornswoggle wants the ability to talk
86. Santa gave him the ability with a holiday hug
87. He thinks Vickie looks like a Grandma
88. Foley just walked in pretending he wasn't the one playing Santa
89. AJ has a crush on Daniel Bryan
90. Bryan is jacked up for tonight's match.
91. Daniel Bryan has clearly trimmed the beard he promised to keep until WrestleMania
92. Mark Henry thinks putting the athletic tape protecting his ankle on the outside of his boot will help him
93. Daniel Bryan did not get the ovation you would have expected
94. Michael Cole fact, there are 17 different submission that would exploit Mark Henry's injury
95. That fact is definitely wrong, there are way more. Ask Dean "The man of 1000 holds" Malenko
96. Mark Henry yelling "Merry Christmas" and then kicking Daniel Bryan in the back was hilarious for some strange reason
97. I just realized Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry kind of have matching attire, at least in terms of color scheme
98. Daniel Bryan will take a man off his feet, and then try and climb over the top of the cage rather than walk out the door
99. Bryan will apply the Lebell Lock despite Henry having a very injured ankle he can exploit
100. Never mind, there he goes with an ankle lock
101. Mark Henry almost pantsed Daniel Bryan on live TV
102. Mark Henry should always do his finisher from the second rope, it looks way more impressive
103. Daniel Bryan could not win the cage match
104. My prediction of a post match cash in by Bryan did not pan out
105. Mark Henry will face Big Show for the World Title at TLC

Well, there you have it, folks. Please fell free to share your thoughts and list additions below.