Classless In Seattle? Shaun Ellis Throws Snowball at Fan

Ryan HoganCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

Shaun Ellis of the New York Jets is caught on camera throwing a large snowball at a fan at Qwest Field after the Jets 13-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

The defensive end had three tackles in the game, but the only time he was really around a ball was his impromptu snowball fight as he exited Qwest Field in Seattle.

Certainly Ellis was frustrated that the Jets had gone ice cold in the Emerald City, but his throw of a snowball was more playful than hurtful. Also, it was the best pass by a Jet all day and one of the few times a Jet player had time to throw.

Ellis probably won’t even be fined for his snowy toss. After all, the infraction occurred in Seattle and most NFL executives don’t even know where Seattle, Washington is located much less care what happens there.

Of course, if incident had occurred at Gillette Stadium or Texas Stadium, it would be labeled “Snowball Gate” and ESPN would be covering the situation 24/7.

Also, the person that received the business end of Ellis’ snowball had to be a Jets fan. Seahawks fans are too polite to throw snowballs and the only thing thrown in Seattle is salmon at Pike Place Fish Market.

The fan that caught Ellis’ offending ice ball held it up over his head for the crowd to see, further proof the snowy fling was more prank than rank.

Later, the fan tried to get the snowball signed, but the souvenir melted as he was waiting for Ellis to exit the locker room.

It’s odd that a NFL player would get caught on camera throwing a snowball in Seattle, a city where it seldom snows. Then again, it’s odd for a division contending team like the Jets to allow four sacks and a hundred yard rusher in a must win game against a 4-11 team playing out their schedule.