Kobe Bryant's Unecessary Finish

Daniel StevensonContributor IDecember 22, 2008

The Memphis Grizzlies are struggling to get back to the playoff team they were three seasons ago.

Their team is made up of mostly two or three-year players. They have an assortment of rookies. The only true veterans they have are new to the team and don't get a lot of playing time.

I started to follow the Grizzly organization a year after they moved from Vancouver to Memphis. Even though they have been called 'worst in the West' and 'not NBA-worthy', I am still a proud supporter of the Grizz.

I don't get extremely mad or say the other team sucks when the Grizzlies lose, but when the games ends with an unnecessary slam dunk, that just shows how tacky you really are, I get a little upset.

The Memphis Grizzlies hosted the L.A. Lakers tonight at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. The Grizzlies came into the game with a record of 9-17. The Lakers came in with a record of 22-5.

The Lakers prepared for an easy game, but got a down to the wire game.

The Forum was filled with people to see the return of the former Grizzly Pau Gasol, and also to see him play against his brother Marc Gasol for the first time in a regular season game. The fans came to see the brothers, but saw one of the best games played by the Grizzlies this year and against one of the best teams, too.

The Grizzlies played a fantastic game that was filled with intensity on both sides. Both squads played amazing defense, and their offense wasn't too shabby either.

They unfortunately let Kobe Bryant score above 30 points. The Grizz fell apart at the very end and the Lakers just barely slipped away with a victory.

The Grizzlies started to lose focus and the Lakers took advantage of this well-known quality of the young Memphis Grizzlies. The Lakers went on a big run leading to a score of 103- 96. The Grizzlies inbounded the ball with only seconds left.

They got the ball in and set a pick. The ball was dropped after an ugly hand off. Kobe Bryant picked up the ball and ran toward the other end. There was no one in front of him so he kept on going.

The Lakers had clearly won the well-played game. Now, if he had any kind of character he would have just held the ball and let the clock run out.

But no, he had to show off in front of a disappointed crowd that had maybe thirty Lakers’ fans in the arena that did enjoy that slam-dunk.

This gives me another reason to not like Kobe Bryant.

Now, I ask you: do you think that Kobe really should have rubbed a loss in the face of a team struggling to get 10 wins? I personally don't think he should have done that.

I can't wait until they play them again so we can get some revenge on Kobe.