Jose Reyes Free Agent News: Where Will He Go If Marlins Sign Albert Pujols?

Shale BriskinContributor IIINovember 29, 2011

Jose Reyes Free Agent News: Where Will He Go If Marlins Sign Albert Pujols?

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    The Miami Marlins have been in the news lately as being frontrunners to sign Jose Reyes to a long-term contract. However, there are rumors that they might try to pursue Albert Pujols instead.

    As a result, if the Marlins end up signing Pujols, they will most likely not have enough money left to sign Reyes as well. Furthermore, the Marlins may also try to sign a new closer in case Leo Nunez does not get re-signed.

    If the Marlins do not sign Reyes this offseason, here are five other teams that may try to sign him.

1. San Francisco Giants

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    The San Francisco Giants are one of the favorites that could make a big push towards signing Jose Reyes.

    The Giants have already released the aging Miguel Tejada, with Brandon Crawford and Mike Fontenot as currently the only players at shortstop for the Giants in 2012. Crawford has been projected as the shortstop of the future, but while his defense has always been smooth, his hitting has not been up to par.

    The Giants could sign Reyes this offseason to let Crawford improve his hitting more in the minor leagues. If Crawford's hitting does improve, the Giants could also use him as a trade chip in the future.

    Giants right fielder Carlos Beltran, who spent over six seasons with the Mets before getting traded this past July, will likely put in a good word about Reyes. The Beltran trade could definitely help the Giants lure Reyes on to their team. Furthermore, the Giants are already built to be a contender for years to come. Adding Reyes into the top of the order would only make their lineup even better.

2. Boston Red Sox

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    The Red Sox are another team that could try to land Reyes this offseason.

    Current Red Sox shortstop Marco Scutaro's contract is up after this season. Backup Jed Lowrie could fill in next year, and there's also the 21-year-old top prospect Jose Iglesias, who is waiting in the minor leagues.

    Nonetheless, the Red Sox have been known to stock up the best players available, so do not be surprised if they offer Reyes a large contract. They dished out big contracts to both Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez in the last offseason. Adding Reyes as the new shortstop would give the Red Sox the best overall infield in baseball.

    New general manager Ben Cherington may want to make a statement to the Red Sox and their fans that he will make the team better. Signing someone like Reyes would definitely make the fans very happy.

3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    One team that could use an offensive upgrade would be the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

    The Angels already have solid depth in their infield with Maicer Izturis and Erick Aybar both capable of playing shortstop on a regular basis. However, they both suffered late season injuries, so their health status may be questionable at the moment, and this could prompt the Angels to make a big move in upgrading the position.

    Recently, former Angels general manager Tony Reagins resigned from his post, which means that Jerry Dipoto, the new general manager may try to make a big splash by signing someone like Reyes to a large contract.

    The Angels already have a solid lineup that includes Mark Trumbo, Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter and Peter Bourjos, along with the anticipated return of Kendry Morales. They also have a solid rotation with Jered Weaver, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana leading the rotation. Adding someone like Reyes could just be what the Angels need to get back to the postseason in 2012.

4. Detroit Tigers

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    Yet another team that could be a great fit for Reyes is the Detroit Tigers.

    The current AL Central champions are likely to not re-sign Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen in the offseason, which would lead to around $20 million off the books. The Tigers could use this money to bring in a solid shortstop and leadoff hitter in Reyes.

    Furthermore, current shortstop Jhonny Peralta has had experience at third base, so a switch to third base should not be a problem for him and the Tigers. As for third baseman Brandon Inge, the Tigers could either try to trade him or keep him around as a utility player.

    The thought of Reyes possibly playing alongside Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander and Jose Valverde would probably make the face of any Tigers fan light up. It would probably generate a lot of merchandise and ticket sales in 2012.

5. New York Mets

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    Although this is not as likely to happen, don't rule out the Mets from re-signing Reyes this offseason.

    Sandy Alderson has already stated that his top priority this offseason is to re-sign Reyes to a long-term contract, especially after the amazing season he had in 2011.

    It is true that the Mets payroll will be limited for 2012 and owner Fred Wilpon still has the Madoff lawsuit to deal with.

    However, with Reyes stating that he has always loved playing in New York and would love to stay there for the rest of his career, a deal should theoretically happen.

    Of course, if another team drops a fortune to land Reyes, the Mets will most likely be completely out of the picture, but don't count the Mets out from the Reyes sweepstakes just yet.