WWE Monday Night RAW: Analyzing the It Begins "Second2012" Promo

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent INovember 29, 2011

As my analysis of the "It Begins" promo went quite well, I eagerly anticipated the unleashing of the second promo tonight so I could write a follow-up analysis.

And I must say there have been some interesting developments.

The "Second2012" promo has the same basic premise as the "It Begins" promo. It's the same creepy schoolboy sitting alone in a barren room, prophesying the coming of a force on the second day of 2012. This time, his words are as follows:

"The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken. Those who are unjust, destruction shall come upon them and they will not escape. The second day of two-thousand twelve is coming; and it will be the end of the world as you know it."

Then, as the first promo ended with a black screen displaying white text reading "It begins," this promo ends simply with the word "Second."

I'm still hoping beyond hope that it's Jericho. As any Jerichoholic knows, he has strong ties to the word "second," as his return in 2007 was referred to as the "Second Coming."

But, if this is signifying Jericho, why would his third return be promoted with the word "second?"

It could just be a tip of the hat, a hint that it really is him with more clues to follow in succeeding cryptic promos. Or it could just be a reference to the fact that the climax of all this is supposed to come on the second day of the new year.

Either way, I still think Jericho is our prime suspect.

Hints to The Undertaker, however, are still there. The reference to "a thief in the night" is obviously far more reminiscent of 'Taker than Jericho. But what would The Undertaker want to claim that others have taken? All I can honestly think of is the World Heavyweight Title.

It also should be noted that, right after the match when the link to this promo was displayed, another Kane promo aired on RAW. Could all this be referring to an official second coming of the Brothers of Destruction?

However, I still believe the case is stronger for Jericho. What does he have to claim that others have taken? Well, his title of "Best in the World," of course. CM Punk has recently bestowed that title upon himself, and the cocky Chris Jericho can be none too happy with that.

Furthermore, as the astute Bleacher Report readers pointed out in my last analysis, there is a globe in the classroom with the schoolboy. Is this a reference to the "Best in the World" moniker, or just a coincidence?

Also, there is something new in this promo which I can't quite account for: the appearance of a girl in the room just behind the boy right at the end of the promo. In the comments section of my first analysis, a reader suggested that the boy could signify the return of Shane McMahon. Could the girl then be Stephanie, who has been strangely absent during the trial and fire of her husband? Or is she just a girl?

Unleash your thoughts and analyses in the comments section below.