UCLA Basketball: Grading the Performance of Each Bruins Player so Far

Robert Pace@Robert_PaceContributor IIINovember 29, 2011

UCLA Basketball: Grading the Performance of Each Bruins Player so Far

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    There is no denying that the Bruins have struggled in their opening games of the 2011-12 season. There has been plenty of disappointment for UCLA fans who were expecting their team, which was ranked in the preseason top 25, to do some damage in the NCAA this year.

    With plenty of season remaining and the beginning of conference play yet to begin, the Bruins still have a chance to have success in the NCAA. However, that chance is diminishing. 

    Amid all the downfalls, there have been spurts of good team play but not enough to execute significant wins. 

    Here's an analysis on how each Bruin has performed thus far. It's time for midterms, guys!

Lazeric Jones: D

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    Despite his hard work in the offseason, Lazeric Jones has yet to show any improvement this season. Jones has a good game against a Division-II opponent, Chaminade, scoring 19 points with seven assists. However, his play has generally been poor.

    He lacks confidence and has rarely penetrated the lane or provided any threat to opposing defenders.

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    9.0 PTS 3.4 AST 2.0 STL 2.6 TO

Tyler Lamb: C+

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    Tyler Lamb has showed great potential in UCLA's opening games this year. However, the consistency of his play has been an issue. When he gets going he is a great asset for the Bruins, but he has failed to be a consistent threat for the Bruins, especially from 3-point land.

    His defense has been consistently solid but the Bruins could use a consistent contribution from his offense. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    9.0 PTS 3.0 AST 1.2 STL 1.8 TO

David Wear: C

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    David Wear has yet to live up to the hype that was created by Bruins' fans. He has shown potential at times but has not produced enough for the Bruins to be a starter.

    His initial performance against LMU of 13 points and five rebounds has yet to be followed up, and he went scoreless in a 15-minute stint off the bench against Michigan in the Maui Invitational

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    5.3 PTS 3.3 REB 1.8 STL 1.0 TO

Travis Wear: B-

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    Excluding his game against Kansas, Travis Wear has scored in double figures every game for the Bruins. He has shown potential from behind the arc as well, although he doesn't shoot many three's.

    Travis' biggest area of improvement is his performance on the boards, and his defense could certainly improve at 6-foot-10. He looks good but there is obvious room for improvement. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    10.4 PTS 4.8 REB 1.0 BLK 1.0 STL 2.0 TO

Reeves Nelson: D

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    Reeves Nelson is a great player, there is no denying that. However, he has drawn too much attention to himself this year, which has made the team suffer.

    His play is good and at times great, but that's when he plays and isn't on disciplinary suspension.

    Nelson needs to show up in the news for his spectacular play and not his disciplinary problems that serve as a distraction to the team. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    8.0 PTS 5.5 REB 1.0 BLK 0.8 STL 0.3 TO

Joshua Smith: C-

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    Joshua Smith has tremendous potential to be one of the best centers in the NCAA, but all that potential goes to waste if he remains at a poor fitness level.

    Not being in shape has caused him to pick up many blocking fouls on defense, as he is unable to move his feet quickly enough to shift his position on defense. Smith has had three or more fouls in each game this year, which has limited his already-minimal amount of playing time.

    The upside is that Smith is a big threat in the paint, but at less than 20 minutes per game his influence is too limited. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011

    9.0 PTS 5.4 REB 1.4 BLK 0.4 STL 2.6 TO

Jerime Anderson: B+

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    After being suspended follow an arrest, Jerime Anderson has been nothing but a positive contribution to the Bruins. Anderson has been the Bruins' best guard, scoring in double figures in every game in which he has started.

    He has shown consistency from the three-point line, averaging almost 50 percent. Anderson shows confidence on the floor and isn't afraid to drive, which seems a rarity for the Bruins' guards. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011:

    13.3 PTS 3.5 AST1.3 STL 1.8 TO

Norman Powell: C+

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    Guard Normal Powell has showed flares of good play coming off the bench for the Bruins. He hasn't has a tremendous influence on the team, but his play has been pretty good when he's in. The freshman has room for improvement but doesn't look too shabby in his first appearances. 

    Powell played well and with a rare freshman confidence in UCLA's matchup against Pepperdine, scoring 10 points in 22 minutes off the bench. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011

    4.4 PTS 0.8 AST 0.6 STL 0.8 TO

Brendan Lane: B-

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    Although Brendan Lane hasn't played too much for the Bruins this season, he has played well in his appearances off the bench. He has played with passion when he gets on the court, which has been a rarity for the Bruins this season.

    Lane corralled six rebounds and scored eight points in 12 minutes in his appearance against Chaminade, and looks to be a solid sub for UCLA this year as a junior. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011

    3.3 PTS 3.0 REB 0.3 BLK 0.3 TO

Ungradable: Anthony Stover

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    Anthony Stover has been suffered a shoulder injury and only had one field goal attempt, which he missed, in the three games in which he played.

    His defense has been good, but he hasn't played enough for us to get a grasp on what kind of player is going to be this year and if can play a significant role for the Bruins. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011: 

    0.0 PTS 1.0 REB 0.7 BLK 1.0 TO

Ungradable: De'End Parker

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    Guard De'End Parker has looked average coming off the bench for the Bruins, but has only appeared in two games. The junior college transfer started one game for the Bruins, scoring seven points. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011

    4.0 PTS 1.0 AST 0.5 STL 0.0 TO*

    *stat line is based upon two games

Team Grade: C+

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    The Bruins have got off to a rough start but have shown greater improvements in every game. Their most recent game against Pepperdine on Monday night was the Bruins' best game by a long shot, as team chemistry and effort was at its peak. 

    UCLA should match-up well against Texas this Saturday, as they look to improve their record to 3-4. 

    Averages as of December 2, 2011

    67.0 PTS 32.2 REB 13.4 AST .419 FGP 12.0 TO 8.7 STL 5.3 BLK