Oakland Raiders: A Crazed Assortment of Scary Scenarios

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Oakland Raiders: A Crazed Assortment of Scary Scenarios

As the season winds down for the Oakland Raiders, I contemplate and ask myself a HUGE question.

What will Al Davis do in regards to the coaching staff of the Raiders?

The answer to that question has huge ramifications as it will shape the future of the Raiders. Could the answer lift the Raiders from their dismal cellar dwelling record of recent years? Could the answer save the franchise from any more embarrassment? It very well could be the last coaching staff that Al ever hires.

This is NOT a question that Al Davis can avoid.

Al Davis, as you know, has fired his head coach early in the season, and has promoted Tom Cable from his duties as an offensive line coach to head coach. He has a defensive coordinator that is at the end of his contract and he has an offensive coordinator that was benched from calling plays. WOW...That is a supersized order of coaching positions that must be dealt with ASAP.

But wait! This is Al Davis.

This is a man that has mastered the word "secret." However Mr. Davis decides to address the coaching needs of the Raiders, you can bet we will be in the dark 'til the decisions have been made.

So you already know about the coaching needs of the team; let's take a look at what this article is REALLY about: The possible coaching scenarios that could happen.

  1. Al might decide to keep Tom Cable as head coach and renew Rob Ryan's defensive coordinator contract
  2. Al might fire Tom Cable and let everyone go
  3. Al might hire Rob Ryan as the head coach and ask Tom to return to being offensive line coach (since the offensive line assistant coach was hired away by Lane Kiffin)
  4. Al might promote James Lofton from receivers coach to head coach
  5. Al could offer Greg Knapp (benched offensive coordinator) the head coach job
  6. Al could hire from the college ranks

Scary isn't it?

All of those scenarios are possible, some are more plausible than others, but all are possible. We are talking about Al Davis here so anything can happen.

BUT...There is one scenario that is not listed above. The one scenario that myself along with many other Raider faithful hope for. A scenario that will catapult the Raiders back into the win column.

Al Davis could right this ship by bringing in a winning, respected, well known head coach to lead this team, a "Super Coach" if you will.

Yes, Al Davis, has the ability to get a "Super Coach" in here. Al Davis can get it done. Unfortunately we will all have to wait to see what he decides. 

Knowing what you know about Al Davis and the Raiders, which scenario do YOU think will happen?

The San Clemente Kid

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