Bob Costas Video: Watch Legendary Reporter Unjustly Blast TD Celebrations

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Bob Costas is the most respected sports journalist ever. He is the best in the world at what he does, and if I can accomplish one percent of the things that he has in his career, I will be a happy man. However, he is completely off base with his criticism of NFL touchdown celebrations. 

"Hey knuckleheads, is it too much to ask that you confine your buffoonery to situations that don't directly damage your team?" Costas asks.

When did the celebration in the NFL become the worst thing in the world? In every other sport, there is some semblance of showmanship that comes out whenever something big happens. 

In Major League Baseball, when someone hits a walk-off home run, that player's teammates gather at home plate to start jumping around and bash him on the helmet. 

The NBA is built on players calling attention to themselves because it is an individual team sport. You have to showcase yourself however you can, because it is going to mean more money in your pocket. 

But whenever it happens in the NFL, it is the worst thing that has ever happened.

What? Terrell Owens signed a football and handed it to someone in the crowd? He needs to respect the game more.

The basis for Costas' rant was Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson pretending to shoot himself in the leg after scoring a touchdown against the New York Jets. I completely understand the outrage over that incident because he was poking fun at the Plaxico Burress incident in which someone could have been killed. 

But to go off about every other celebration, when players are trying to have fun and entertain the fans as well as show some of their personality, is way out of line. 

The NFL has been called the "No Fun League" because none of the players are allowed to do anything. They are supposed to be mindless drones that show up, try to score more points than the other team and go home. 

Why shouldn't these players go out there and express themselves in a way that is fun and respectful of the other team?

None of these celebrations hurts anyone, but what Costas and the NFL fail to realize is that the league has created this whole situation. 

The NFL had no reason to put a stop to these celebrations, but because this league wants to appeal to snobby people that wouldn't know a fun time if it smacked them in the head, they decided that something had to change. 

As long as it is not someone mocking a gun shot or something along those lines, let these people celebrate and bring some fun back to the NFL. 

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