Patriots' Punishment does not Fit Crime

BobAnalyst IFebruary 15, 2008

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says Bill Belichick told the truth about the ever-expanding SpyGate.

The real question is... why was there not more punishment for the veteran coach?

Recent reports from the commissioner say that Belichick has actually been taping the defensive signals of opponents since 2000.

Did Belichick actually think this obvious form of cheating was not illegal in the NFL?

My little sister could have told him that one.

Furthermore, there is almost no understanding as to why Goodell ordered that all the tapes had to be destroyed.

Was the commissioner trying to cover up something larger by destroying those tapes?

My guess would be yes.

Has the NFL sunk as low (or lower) the MLB has recently with the steroids/HGH scandal? No, but it is headed in that same direction.

Maybe Goodell and MLB commissioner Bud Selig were separated at birth?

They both seem to have controversy following them everywhere they go.

Should the Patriots lose their championships that they won through cheating? I think not.

It's hard to say that in an era of baseball where steroids/HGH were being used by a large number of professional baseball players that you could asterisk someone's name for taking a unfair advantage against the league.

But Belichick's troubles are much worse than steroids.

He took an unfair advantage over teams, making it far easier to run an offense.

No other coach in the NFL is dumb enough, let alone risky enough, to tape defensive signals.

He actually DID have an unfair advantage against the rest of his competition and his rings should be taken away from him.

Sure they won 17 games this year without cheating since they were under pressure of SpyGate.

But would they have won those championships in the past without cheating?

We may never know, but one thing is for sure, Belichick and his staff should get a heavier punishment for their cheating.

Furthermore, Belichick exhibited the same classless behavior when his Pats were finally defeated in a Super Bowl.

With one play remaining why would he walk off the field?

It is ridiculous and completely unsportsmanlike.

Act like you have been to the championship before.

You are supposed to be a veteran coach who has won three championships. You lose one and you walk off the field without the rest of your team or coaching staff?

Belichick is a despicable coach and, quite literally, a bad sport.

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