A Look at the Washington Redskins' Upcoming Offseason

Travis EvansCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

Entering Sunday, the Eagles felt the Super year coming back; the Redskins felt embarrassed following a lose to the Beagles (Bengals). Well, the outcome was a shock to both teams.

The defense, led by Casper (a.k.a Jason Taylor, because he hasn't shown up this year) and D Hall was impressive, holding the Eagles O to three points. While the offense still needs work they didn't shoot them selves in the foot.

When Jason Taylor forced the fumble I bet all of Redskin nation jumped up and cheered. Shouts of finally he has a impact; after he said that he wasn't worth the money he was being paid, how ironic.

We are out of the playoffs so what do we do. Do we give Brennan a shot, play second stringers, start rookies and see how they can control a game. We will see none of these.

We should rebuild both offense and defense this offseason.

Priority one: Do we stay with JC or go with Brennan. I say Brennan gets a shot this offseason.

Priority two: Evaluate aging defensive line and offensive line. We should let Jason Taylor pan out; he may be finally healthy. Cut Andre. Sign and draft a few new o-linemen.

Priority three: Finding a reliable backup for Portis. Well, in this scenario, there are several options. We can sign a free agent in Brandon Jacobs, trade for Edge in Arizona, or draft a rookie back. You decide. My opinion is get Jacobs.

Priority four: Evaluate Zorn and Company. Is Blache the future or do we need a mastermind to conquer this monster. I think we bring in a new D-coordinator and fire up some blitzes.

There are more priorities, but it is disputable. Now, we should sign Albert Haynesworth and Terrell Suggs in the offseason. It will help the defense to add two more pass rushers.

I think the 3-4 in DC will help a lot. Great defenses like the Ravens and Steelers run a 3-4. You don't have to have playmakers in all positions but reliable players. We have this. Maybe we need a new start to this defense.

The only downfall I saw was we let Philly drive all the way down the field on the last drive. If Landry isn't there, that's a TD.

I hope to see a new energetic team this time next year, with an already-clinched playoff berth.