Selfless Brett Favre Tanks Seattle Game, Patriots Fans Send Their Thanks

Sean CroweSenior Writer IDecember 21, 2008

Who says Brett Favre is selfish?

After a week of making things all about himself and his impending (maybe) retirement, Favre was all of a sudden in a giving mood on Sunday.

He gave and gave, then gave some more.

He gave to the Seahawks. He gave them the ball twice. Once in a desperation throw after the game was already over. The other a vintage Favre interception. A ball thrown off his back foot across the field.

The type of throw for which quarterbacks get benched. But not Favre. He’s a legend. He was just trying to make a play.

Favre gave the Patriots and their fans hope. With the Jets loss, the Patriots are still alive in the AFC East. They’re a win over Buffalo and a Jets win over Miami away from winning the AFC East yet again.

Favre gave Mike Holmgren a win in his final home game as Seattle head coach. A nice gesture for the guy who made him the quarterback he is today. Or was ten years ago.

I only wish he wasn’t so blatant. He was under-throwing receivers so badly I began to wonder if Man-Genius was going to bench him before he finished the job.

Maybe someday Favre will learn his lesson. Maybe someday his legions of worshippers will learn. When you make a team game about yourself, you’re bound to fail. And when you do, the “I told you so” birds will start chirping.

Chirp. Chirp.

Patriots’ nation owes Brett Favre a thank you.

Of course, next week we’ll be rooting for Favre. Remember 2002? When we needed Favre to beat the Jets in week 17 to make the playoffs and he rolled over like a dog in a meaningless game? Giving the win to the Jets? In a game where Favre didn’t even try?

In Michael Holly’s book, he says Belichick watched the first two minutes of that game before realizing that Favre didn’t care and wasn’t going to put forth any effort. He turned off the TV knowing the Patriots were out of the playoffs.

Maybe that’s where my Favre hatred comes from?  Who knows?

But that was then. This is now.

Patriots fans owe Favre a huge thank you. And we wish him good luck in his attempt to single-handedly beating the Miami Dolphins.

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