Brett Favre's World: It's All About Me, Myself, and I

Sean CroweSenior Writer IDecember 19, 2008

I’m not the smartest guy I know. I’m not the smartest guy you know. I may not even be the smartest guy in the room I’m sitting in right now. But let me tell you how this would have gone had I been asked the question.

“I’m not thinking about retirement or anything else except the Seattle Seahawks. We have a chance to do something special here and my entire focus is on getting this team into the playoffs.”

You don’t feed the vultures. You don’t selfishly change the subject back to yourself. You deflect, you blow off the question, and you move on.

Brett Favre just can’t do that.

“I’m well aware of the fact that there’s two games left. I’m expecting us to make the playoffs, as I hope the rest of the team is, but it very well could be my last. It could be my last three games, last four games, I don’t know.”

Let the Brett Favre retirement speculation begin! Again!

Somewhere, someone in the Packers’ front office has one of those “I told you so” grins on his face.

Brett Favre loves to be the center of attention. He loves to be the topic of speculation. He loves to lead Sports Center and get mentioned a billion times on every sports web site.

He’s an ego maniac.

The sad part is, the guy the Jets released to make room for Favre has been the better quarterback this season. And Pennington comes relatively drama-free.

The Dolphins, led by former Jet quarterback Chad Pennington, are the odds on favorite to win the AFC East right now.

And they’ll likely do it with a week 17 win over Brett Favre and the New York Jets.

Poetic justice is fun.

In the end, Brett Favre is what he is. He makes big plays, he makes big mistakes, and he’s all about himself. December is about making the playoffs for some, it’s about retirement speculation for Favre. The offseason is about getting ready for next season for most players, it’s about holding press conferences and “will he or won’t he questions” for Favre.

If the Jets are smart (highly doubtful, given their history) they’ll say goodbye to Favre when this season’s over and never look back.

Maybe they can get Pennington back next season?

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