Philadelphia Eagles' Season Goes Through Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 24, 2011

Will Vick play Sunday?
Will Vick play Sunday?Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Eagles are in a tough position thanks to a 4-6 start. Michael Vick is banged up and Jeremy Maclin is wounded. Yet the Eagles have to find a way for a second straight week. 

Last week, they had to go to Metlife Stadium and find a way to get a season-saving win against Eli Manning and the Giants. As I predicted in my Vince Young column, he found a way to get it done and the Eagles won.

This week, they return home, but the task is a little tougher. This week, they have to take on Brady, Belichick and the Patriots.

The Pats have looked beatable at times this season, as they did lose back-to-back games earlier this year. They also lost to the same Giants the Eagles defeated last week.

However, I am not sure there is a worse position to be in than the Eagles are this week. They need a season-saving win against probably the last team you would want to desperately need a win against.

New England is impressive, Tom Brady is one of the league's best and the Patriots do not make many mistakes. Mistakes, which have ravaged the Eagles' chances in many games, are something that happens rarely in New England. Tom Brady is accurate, and his teams execute.

Their running back, Benjarvus Green-Ellis has NEVER fumbled in his career. Never! That's impressive.

Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski give the Patriots the best one-two tight end punch in the NFL. The Eagles struggle covering tight ends in most games as well.

On the positive end of things, the Patriots are a pass-happy offense and the Eagles have elite corners in Nnamdi Asomugha and Asante Samuel. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie won't play, but Joselio Hansen is a capable nickelback. The Eagles' strengths, at least on paper, appear to be well suited for the Patriots.

Can Young pull another rabbit out of the hat if he starts? If Vick returns, can he cut down the costly mistakes? 

As today is Thanksgiving, we all have a lot to be thankful for. On Sunday, I am hoping an Eagles victory will be another thing to add to that list.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the B/R community, my readers and all Eagles fans! GO EAGLES!