Power Ranking Every Starting New Orleans Saints QB in Franchise History

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIINovember 23, 2011

Power Ranking Every Starting New Orleans Saints QB in Franchise History

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    Archie Manning is one of the most beloved New Orleans Saints players in the history of the franchise, but is he the greatest Saints quarterback in history?

    The Saints are not particularly known for having the best quarterbacks in the league, so ranking every starting quarterback in their history was quite interesting.

    To make sure you understand how these quarterbacks are ranked, I ranked every quarterback who was named the starting quarterback in history.

    No quarterbacks who only started a couple games during a season because of the starter getting injured qualified for this list, so I’m afraid there’s no Jake Delhomme on this slideshow.

    With that said, this is the power ranking for every Saints quarterback in history.

19. Ken Stabler

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    Ken Stabler ranks at the bottom of the list because he finished his career with more interceptions than he did touchdowns, but that’s not the worst of it.

    He was a four-time Pro Bowl selection early in his career, but he spent his last three less than mediocre seasons with the Saints. The Saints basically got the Oakland Raiders’ sloppy seconds.

18. Gary Cuozzo

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    Like Stabler, Gary Cuozzo finished his season with more interceptions than touchdowns.

    What makes Cuozzo special, though, is he was the first quarterback in the Saints’ history, and for that, I showed him a little more love than Stabler.

17. Billy Joe Hobert

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    Billy Joe Hobert played in 1999 with the Saints, and he had a disappointing NFL career.

    He had a fabulous collegiate career as a Washington Husky, but he was released time and time again in the NFL.

16. John Fourcade

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    John Fourcade is now the coach for the Rio Grande Valley Magic of the Southern Indoor Football league, but before that he was the Saints' quarterback.

    Fourcade broke Archie Manning’s school record for passing yards at Ole Miss with 6,713, but he didn’t have the NFL career that Manning had with the Saints.

15. Heath Shuler

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    Heath Shuler was traded to the New Orleans Saints in 1997, and his stats didn’t particularly impress.

    He had to have surgery on his foot, and Shuler was another case of great college players not being able to have a successful career in the pros.

14. Wade Wilson

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    Wade Wilson had a decent career playing quarterback in the NFL.

    Unfortunately for the Saints, they didn’t have him very long. Wilson was with the Saints in 1993 and ’94, and he didn’t make a big splash down in New Orleans.

13. Bobby Scott

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    Bobby Scott played with the New Orleans Saints for 10 years, but he was overshadowed by Archie Manning.

    Scott wasn’t a bad quarterback, but it came down to bad timing for him, as one of the most beloved Saints in history was taking snaps during the time period.

12. Jeff Blake

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    The father of Auburn wide receiver Emory Blake entered the new millennium as the starter for the Saints.

    Jeff Blake was the starting quarterback for the Saints before Aaron Brooks became the quarterback for a few years, and he did a fairly decent job.

    He started 11 games that year before breaking his foot, and the Brooks era began.

11. Steve Walsh

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    Steve Walsh finished his NFL career with 40 touchdowns and 50 interceptions, and he takes the 11th spot on this list.

    That’s really how weak this list is, but rest assured, it gets better soon.

10. Kerry Collins

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    Kerry Collins had a decent NFL career throwing the ol’ pigskin, but when he was in New Orleans, he had some alcohol problems.

    Because of this he lands right in the middle of the pack. His success carries him higher, but his demons in New Orleans drag him down to the 10th spot.

9. Billy Joe Toliver

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    Before the Blake/Brooks era began, the 1990’s were full of Billy Joe’s. Billy Joe Tolliver began the 1998 season as the starter, and he started for seven games.

    His career with the Saints was quite a roller coaster. He got the nod over Danny Wuerffel and had a few impressive performances, but he was then benched by Billy Joe Hobert.

    I promise this list does get better.

8. Dave Wilson

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    Dave Wilson started out his career with the Saints on the wrong foot, as he had a knee injury during his rookie season.

    That limited the quarterback’s mobility for the rest of his career, and his performance suffered from it. Even with the knee injury, Wilson was able to produce some good moments here and there.

7. Richard Todd

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    Richard Todd was a good quarterback...until he went to New Orleans.

    He played two seasons with the Saints, and his first season there he threw for 19 interceptions and only 10 touchdowns.

6. Billy Kilmer

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    Billy Kilmer replaced Gary Cuozzo in 1967, which means he was the Saints’ second quarterback in the history of the franchise.

    Unlike most quarterbacks on this list, Kilmer finished his career with more touchdowns than interceptions. That in itself is an impressive feat in a history for a franchise that wasn’t known for its quarterback play.

5. Jim Everett

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    Now we’re getting to some pretty good play-making quarterbacks. Jim Everett had a great NFL career, as he ranks 25th all-time in touchdown passes and 14th all-time in passing yards.

    Everett is most well-known for his Jim Rome controversy, where he tackled Rome during live television on ESPN after Rome continued to call him Chris.

4. Aaron Brooks

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    The guy could barely hold on to the football without turning it over, but he could make some plays with the ball.

    Brooks finished his career with 123 touchdowns and 92 interceptions and gave the Saints their first victory in the playoffs, when they upset the St. Louis Rams in 2000.

3. Bobby Hebert

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    The Cajun Cannon is also one of the most beloved quarterbacks in Saints history, besides the guys that rank above him.

    Bobby Hebert finished his career with 135 touchdowns and 124 interceptions, while providing Saints’ fans with something to cheer about during a time when there wasn’t a whole lot to cheer for.

2. Archie Manning

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    The father of perhaps the greatest quarterback in history, Archie Manning will always be beloved in New Orleans.

    He sparked a pride in Saints fans, and you can ask anybody who watched the Saints in the ’70’s and feel the passion they share for him.

    Manning finished his career with 125 touchdown passes and 23,911 yards, but he’ll always be one of the most beloved players in Saints’ history.

1. Drew Brees

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    Ol’ Archie was the most beloved player in Saints’ history until this guy came along. I mean, come on, did you expect another player to top this list? This one was a no-brainer.

    Drew Brees brought the New Orleans Saints their first world championship, and he’s been one of the premiere quarterbacks in the league for half a decade now.

    He’s a five-time Pro Bowl selection, Super Bowl MVP and was named as the Sportsman of the Year in 2010. He’s pretty much known as St. Brees around these parts.