Oakland Raiders: A "Commitment to Crap"

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IDecember 18, 2008

Don’t kid yourself.

Stop being delusional.

The Oakland Raiders were a disaster, are a disaster, and will be a disaster for a long time. They are such a disaster, not even the President could salvage this situation. FEMA couldn’t even solve his situation.

Unless something changes, there’s no denying the facts. The Raiders have lost 11 games or more six consecutive years, a feat (or lack thereof) that wasn’t accomplished by even the “worst team ever” Tampa Bay Bucs.

As the cliché goes, it starts at the top. Raider fans, cut the BS. It’s  on Al Davis.

Al’s lost it. He’s old and rotting away.

He’s lost the touch.  Look at the DeAngelo Hall and Javon Walker signings. Look at the pick of JaMarcus Russell. Either Russell is a bust, or the offensive line is built terribly, and both of those are on Al.

Al is more concerned with his ego and pride than winning football games. That’s a fact.

He could rather lose games than sacrifice his ego. I bet you if I offered him a 14-2 record, but he had to give up control, he’d turn me down and go back to being 4-12.  

Al is cheap and petty. He cared more about symbolically boosting his ego by firing Lane Kiffin than he did about the actual football ramifications of his actions. He couldn’t care less about the results on the field.

Maybe he wants to win, but his ego will always come first. That is why the “greatness of Raiders” is dead. Some say “hip-hop is dead,” but we know for sure the glory days of the Raiders are over and gone.

It is commonly accepted that the Raiders can only improve and come back when Al dies. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Oh, I can hear it already. Blind and delusional Raider fans will call me a “hater.” They’ll say, “Don’t mess with the Raider Nation.” They’ll say there is hope around the corner.

Stop lying to yourself. I don’t “hate” the Raiders.

Why should I hate a team that consistently goes 5-11 or 6-10?  They are not worth hating. They haven’t earn the hate.

I hate the Red Sox and Patriots, and for good reason. They win and beat everybody. The Raiders are awful. I pity them, or laugh at them, depending on my mood.

The Raiders claim to have a “commitment to excellence”, but it only takes a five-year old to read a stat sheet to tell you it’s not true.

Their records since 2003, when Al Davis let go of a very successful young coach by the name Jon Gruden because of a petty feud:

2003: 4-12

2004: 5-11

2005: 4-12

2006: 2-14

2007: 4-12

2008: 3-11 (so far)

If that’s excellence, then our economy is in excellent shape.

We (except for a few delusional fans) know what it really is. Not a commitment to excellence.

It’s a commitment for sure.

Commitment to crap.