New York Is Having Giant Problems

Justin SomeContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Two weeks, that’s how, long Eli Manning and the New York Giants offense have been in a slump. When I refer to the Giants' offense, I include everyone; wide receivers, running backs, quarterback, and offensive line.

For the past two weeks, when I turn on the television and watch my New York Giants, the last thing I want to see happen is what just happened. Originally, I thought that Plaxico Burress wasn’t going to be as big of a distraction to the Big Blue as he might be.

Am I wrong to think this? Am I right to think this? Going into Sunday’s game the Giants seriously need to have more chemistry between Eli Manning, Amani Toomer, and Domenik Hixon. I know that Hixon is no Plaxico Burress or Terrell Owens, and that Amani Toomer is out of his prime, but in my opinion, those are two incredible wide receivers.

How will this Giant offense do against the Carolina Panther defense this Sunday night? Over the past few weeks I have been following the Panthers very, very closely and every week this season they have started to look more and more like the Giants especially the Panthers defense.

What really scares me, however, about the Panthers is the on-field relationship between quarterback Jake Delhomme and wide receiver Steve Smith. Why am I scared? I’m scared because over the past two games, the Giants' secondary has been slipping and this is a game where the secondary needs to be as good as it was in the Super Bowl last year.

If on Sunday night the Giants' secondary does not play as well as it did the first 12 games of the season, who knows how much Steve Smith will run over poor rookie Kenny Phillips.

I was listening to my local sports radio station early Thursday morning, and there was a caller around 5:30ish who told the host that the Giants will lose to Carolina, to the Vikings, and in their first playoff game. The host asked what team he was a fan of, Giants, Panthers, Vikings, and Cowboys, four no’s. He then asked what team he was a fan of.

The caller said the Jets and the producer cut him off and ended the conversation. He said the caller had no right to talk because the Jets were going to lose to the BILLS had Shaun Ellis not saved them. Plus, don’t forget that would have meant a three-game losing streak for them.

Anyway my point is what if the Giants do lose to the Panthers, the Vikings, and their first playoff game. Obviously, they wouldn’t fire Coughlin, he just won the Giants a Super Bowl last year, but I’m not saying there aren’t going to be any changes. I don’t think any of the coaches are to blame for this situation in my opinion.

I honestly think that the players started to think that they are thinking that now that they are a powerhouse in the NFC and NFC East and because of this they feel that they don’t need to play as hard as they need too.  

The last time the Giants had released a numerous amount of players was in 1997 when Owner Wellington Mara walked into the locker room and said in a very low voice, “Those of you who had put an effort into playing this year will remain on this team, the rest of you should start packing your bags tonight.”

I’m not saying cut 26 of the 52 men, only the ones who don’t put an effort in to the rest of the games this season. Sunday, however, I am predicting a Giants win at the Meadowlands and my prediction is Panthers 24-Giants 28