Giants Look to Ride the 27 Bus to Homefield Advantage

Jason FoxContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Even after their unprecedented Super Bowl win, some of the New York Football Giants like to stay humble and blend in with the eccentric New York City crowd; refusing to drive their posh sports cars/trucks when venturing in and out of the city that never sleeps, rather taking public transportation such as cabs/buses.


While the vehicles piloted from Jersey to the Lincoln Tunnel range from A-Z, the path for the Giants back to Tampa Bay is a bit more clear: directly through the center of the Earth, and the license plate of the bus which will lead them to their destination reads "BJ-27."


The ghost of Jim Brown has taken over the body of Brandon Jacobs, morphing into a bus that has one gear, full steam ahead, taking pleasure in running over anything that gets in its path.  


However, with one small speed bump, a knee injury that sent him limping to the locker room at home against the hard hitting Ravens, the bus has slowed down, and with it, so has the best offense in the NFC.


With the reincarnation of old school smash mouth football in the New York Football Giant’s offense in the form of Number 27, a world of possibilities has opened up for Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. He suddenly is able to use the play action pass to his favor and find notables such as Steve Smith across the middle and Amani Tumor down the side line.


Defenses are forced to respect the run, put eight in the box in an attempt to slow down the B-Jac bus (which is averaging over 5.0 yards a carry and just under 90 yards/game), which allows Manning to throw bullets down field to Plaxic...err...Dominic Hixon and _____ (insert Joe Horn or Derek Hagan here) who can take advantage of single coverage.


It’s no coincidence that Eli has been under the most duress in the games that the run has not been established. Without their core running back, the offense looks lost and confused. Eli looks more like a combination between Dave Brown and Kent Graham. Jeff Feagles gets more opportunities to add to his Hall of Fame resume.


The bottom line is that the Giants will treat this Sunday night like a playoff game. Keeping things in perspective, they are 11-3, with a chance to erase the two-game funk they’re currently in.


This will be a game, much like last year’s regular season game against the Patriots, that will give them momentum heading into the playoffs. Resting Jacobs will not be an option. That’s never been Coughlin’s motto.


Expect the No. 27 bus to be ready to go Sunday night. And if it’s running like it has been all season, get ready to witness the best offense in the NFC to be clicking again on all cylinders, and everything to be right again in New York.


After all, there’s nothing better than an extra week of rest.