Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets: 5 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Will Upset the Jets

Alex PalmaContributor IINovember 17, 2011

Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets: 5 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Will Upset the Jets

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    Tonight, the New York Jets come into Mile-High Stadium to face the Denver Broncos as six-point favorites.

    The Tim Tebow-led Broncos aren't getting enough credit for what they've done so far this year to fight their way back into contention and the Jets may have just gotten too much credit for a 5-4 team because of their large New York market.

    The situation this year isn't like the Week 6 match-up last year when the Broncos were floundering in the AFC's basement. Much more is on the line this year. With a win here the Broncos will match the Jet's record at 5-5 and have a much easier path to the playoffs than the Jets do, without the New England Patriots in their division.

    Here are the five reasons the Denver Broncos will defeat the much over-hyped New York Jets tonight:

5: Ladainian Tomlinson's Injury

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    Ladainian Tomlinson has been every bit as good as Shonne Greene this year but also is a pass-catching threat that Greene is not. By this point in Greene's career most expected him to break out into an elite back but this hasn't happened yet.

    Without Tomlinson, the Jets will be forced to revert to a very predictable straight up-the-middle run offense.

4: Mark Sanchez

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    In last year's Jets/Broncos game, Sanchez threw two dropped interceptions in just their first four offensive plays, as well as two actual interceptions later in the game.

    In his career so far, Sanchez has relied heavily on the Jets' solid overall defense of the past three seasons to keep him looking like "a winner" but can you imagine how good the Jets offense would be with Matt Stafford at the helm? Even rookie Cam Newton would have led the Jets to more wins than Sanchez has this year.

    I think by the end of this season we'll finally stop hearing the nickname "The Sanchize."

3: Last Year's Jets/Broncos Game

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    The Broncos controlled the flow of last year's game mostly, holding the lead until the final minute, where Sanchez and the Jets offense needed a fourth down miracle pass interference call on a ball that was likely uncatchable.

    The Jets didn't play well against the Broncos in their last match up in Mile-High even though they pulled out the win. Their only touchdowns came from players who are either hurt (Tomlinson) or no longer with the team (Braylon Edwards) for tonight's game.

2: Jets' Run Defense

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    In last year's game, the Broncos passed the ball 34 times. Don't expect either of these in tonight's game.

    Expect heavy doses of rushing Tim Tebow and either Willis McGahee or Lance Ball depending on McGahee's injury status. The much-hyped Jets rushing defense actually hasn't played that well this year, ranking 15th overall, allowing over 1000 yards so far.

    This can likely be attributed to all the new, inexperienced players in the Jet's front seven like Rookie Muhammad Wilkerson.

1: John Fox and Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy

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    Tim Tebow may not be John Elway. He may not even be Jay Cutler. The key is: John Fox knows this. We see this in his comments earlier this week when he said on "If we were trying to run a regular offense, he'd be screwed."

    Heck, even the defense knows the Bronco's game-plan a few drives into the game but somehow they can't stop it and it has led them to a 3-1 record. John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy deserve all the accolades for making the option work in the NFL for the first time ever and for showing the flexibility and creativity that they lacked when coaching the Carolina Panthers.