1. Whoa, John Fox is going for it!

  2. John Fox likes to say it's easy to make decisions after they happen. But taking the 3 pts seemed smart there, no?

  3. John Fox: And I helped build that Frankenstein.

  4. I am SUPERexcited to see how many people rip John Fox for going for it on 4th and goal from the 4 down 17-9 with 10 min left as why CHI lost

  5. John Fox’s conservative time management hurt #Bears in Detroit. Aggressiveness hurt him today. Such is the life of an NFL head coach.

  6. John Fox said he wasn't sure the #Bears would get another opportunity to score, which is why he went for it on 4th and goal.

  7. John Fox is addressing the media following #Bears 17-15 loss to Denver. #DENvsCHI Watch live: https://t.co/lbVqJPRwdC #ChiBearsLive

  8. John Fox on going on fourth and goal: "We felt that that may be our last opportunity" down there. It wasn't.

  9. John Fox on uncovered Broncos player on first TD: "You guys always want to hear the blame game."

  10. Feelings facing old team? John Fox: "There are more guys to say hi to after the game."

  11. John Fox on why he went for TD on 4th and 4: “We felt that was going to maybe be our last opportunity.” #Bears

  12. Bears HC John Fox on why he didn't kick on 4th-and-goal from the 4 at 10:10 4Q: "We felt that was going to maybe be our last opportunity."

  13. Watch: John Fox discusses his crucial decision to go for it on 4th and goal #Bears https://t.co/0KRp7cbXob https://t.co/mpEssk5svW

  14. Bears-Broncos: 'Nothing extra' as John Fox coaches against former team - https://t.co/sRYnwg1GaR #BearsTalk

  15. Head coach John Fox discusses the #Bears loss with the media post-game. WATCH: https://t.co/Y6ZtbmmZLF https://t.co/h9feZd4sDZ

  16. John Fox cost the Bears a chance to beat his former team, writes @DavidHaugh https://t.co/MPrZuZYx1c https://t.co/CK9VRk2OUf

  17. Interesting in Chicago: Columnist there blames John Fox for loss to Broncos -- for being too aggressive... https://t.co/fQ4fdxC00q

  18. #Bears Week 11 Game Grades: Porter, Wilson earn highest grades, while John Fox gets roasted https://t.co/uKexFBzbHV https://t.co/aW5l18Srgi

  19. #Bears HC John Fox now speaking with the media at Halas Hall. Watch live: https://t.co/lbVqJPRwdC #ChiBearsLive

  20. John Fox: “We had some interest in David. It was a situation we made organizationally to give him a look."

  21. #Bears John Fox - "had some interest in David, made decision organizationally to give him a look" - looking at young guys

  22. John Fox calls today’s injury report a “mythical injury report” because the #Bears did not practice today. As opposed to all the other ones.

  23. John Fox tells us he "doesn't know any more" about botched 2-point conversion try than he did yesterday.

  24. #Bears John Fox not talking about 2-point misfire much

  25. On the scale of John Fox day-after pressers, today's will be hard to top in terms of testiness.

  26. #Bears coach John Fox on failed 2-pt conversion: "If it doesn't pan out, it probably wasn't as well executed as it needed to be."

  27. #Bears coach John Fox on whether he knows if there was confusion on the failed 2-pt conversion: "No more than I knew yesterday."

  28. John Fox on maximizing time on short week: “Well, like being here (at the press conference) is restrictive.” #Bears

  29. Thursday night will be the first time John Fox has coached on Thanksgiving since he was the Steelers’ DBs coach in 1991.

  30. John Fox said #Bears will try to find a practice squad QB to add.

  31. Confidential: John Fox

  32. George McCaskey calls working with John Fox and Ryan Pace "energizing", says "It’s been an adventure already."

  33. Approval Rating, Week 11: John Fox https://t.co/ug1z7vj41w https://t.co/RVHAYkarVM

  34. #Bears Matt Slauson hasn't thought John Fox practices any more physical - certainly not more than Rex Ryan or Marc Trestman's

  35. #Bears Tracy Porter - says John Fox "very competitive', competitive nature "is still going to be on 100"

  36. #Bears CB Tracy Porter on John Fox's practices: "They're real competitive."

  37. Bears coach John Fox announces that the team has waived QB Jimmy Clausen. Outside interest in David Fales prompted the move.

  38. #Bears coach John Fox said QB David Fales was promoted to 53-man roster because of interest in signing him from other teams in the league.

  39. #Bears S Antrel Rolle tweaked knee in practice Saturday - John Fox says other sports don't work half-speed, have to practice to stay tuned