Oakland Raiders: Is Aaron Curry the Best Pick Up of the NFL 2011 Season?

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Oakland Raiders: Is Aaron Curry the Best Pick Up of the NFL 2011 Season?
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When the Raiders picked up Aaron Curry from the Seattle Seahawks for a seventh-round pick, I had to hit myself to make sure I wasn't asleep! This guy was supposed to be the next stud at the outside linebacker position and the Seahawks gave him just two and a half years to prove the draft experts right? I think that was a ridiculous decision personally.

In 2008 the Seahawks gave up the third most yards overall in the NFL and Curry was supposed to fix all that. As much as people want to see him as a bust, I don't think he was given a chance because of the weakness of the NFC West and the subsequent rise of the Seahawks (I qualify rise as getting into the playoffs, not focusing on their losing record).

In 2009, Curry recorded 3.5 sacks and made 73 tackles, which for most second-year guys is not bad at all. It's only because they had such enormous expectations and others came in and did well that he was let go, and thank God he was because I think he could help start a revolution for the Raider defense.

Linebacker hasn't been the strong suit of the Raider defense for a very long time; they've had some good guys that were solid on their own, but as a corps, they haven't ever been strong. Now the Raiders have three great young linebackers with great potential to mature together and form a fearsome trio.

With Curry and Wimbley on the outside, and McClain in the middle, each has a specific quality that they bring to the defense: Wimbley on pass rush, Curry on rush defense and McClain is a defensive general.

Please argue your case if you disagree or can think of better deals this year, but I really think these three are going to make some noise and Curry could be an incredible pick up.

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