Why Green Bay Packers Fans Should Hope the Team Loses Before the Playoffs

Matt SmithContributor IIINovember 15, 2011

Aaron Rodgers may not want to lose a game, but it might turn out to be beneficial if his team does.
Aaron Rodgers may not want to lose a game, but it might turn out to be beneficial if his team does.Scott Boehm/Getty Images

As would be with most teams that are undefeated more than halfway through the season, there are two debates, one major and one minor.

The major debate is can the said undefeated team go 16-0? Can they win all their games and continue on and win the Super Bowl?

The minor one is whether it would be beneficial for the team to actually lose a game instead of cruising through the season undefeated.

In this case, the minor argument is more important. Cheeseheads across the nation should hope that the Green Bay loses one of their games before the playoffs.

Though they have a strong locker room, if the Packers get overconfident it could turn out to be fatal.

The Packers have some serious flaws that could be exposed during the playoffs, and they must be reminded of them.

Aaron Rodgers is performing beyond belief and often covers up those flaws. However, against a very good team like one that they'll face in the playoffs, Rodgers won't be able to cover up everything.

A loss during the regular season would allow Green Bay and the coaching staff to evaluate what went wrong during the game and make progress in fixing it. If a team's flaws can be accounted for all the time, they likely won't work as hard at fixing those flaws.

Now, there are exceptions to this. Say the 49ers don't lose another game and go 15-1. Then, that extra win would help Green Bay and not hurt them in the aforementioned reasons. Also, losing a divisional game could be costly, as either the Bears or the Lions figure to get a wild card.

Green Bay must lose a game, preferably to an AFC West team like the Raiders or Chiefs, in order to ensure it doesn't become overconfident and to make sure the effort to fix problems is there.