Aaron Rodgers: Why Rodgers Will Be Best NFL QB for Years to Come

J FCorrespondent INovember 15, 2011

Aaron Rodgers: Why Rodgers Will Be Best NFL QB for Years to Come

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    Assuming Aaron Rodgers is, in fact, the best quarterback in the NFL, it is reasonable to wonder how long his dominance will last.

    With the way he is playing this season, it is looking more and more like his career is headed to a happy ending in the Hall of Fame.

    While it seems like Rodgers is at the top of his game right now, his recipe for success can only allow him to get better. Here are just a few reasons why he will be the best QB for years to come.


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    The majority of NFL players only improve with experience and Rodgers is getting a lot of it. At this point, he's seen pretty much everything a defense could throw at him.

    His decision making is much better than it was when he first began quarterbacking in Titletown and he holds up under pressure.

    Another trip to the playoffs and the Super Bowl will give him even more confidence and cement his status as the league's best.

    Rodgers has the respect of everyone right now because he's continued to earn it.

Supporting Cast

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    Rodgers has a decent offensive line and average running game, but his receiving corps is one of the best in the business.

    He has completed passes to over 10 different targets in several games, proving he has a plethora of playmakers to throw to.

    Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Jordy Nelson will all be with the Packers for the next few seasons. Jermichael Finley will be a free agent after this year and Donald Driver's career is winding down, but they both might stick around.

    With all of these weapons, he certainly has the supporting cast to hold him high among the NFL's quarterbacks.

    The coaches in Green Bay also know how to optimize his talent and allow him to succeed.

The Decline of His Competitors

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    Rodgers is entering the prime of his career while the stars who came before him are closer to the end than the beginning of their impressive runs.

    Only time will tell if Peyton Manning will be the same when he returns from his neck injury, whenever that is. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are still playing well, but soon the torch will officially be handed to Rodgers.

    Nobody his age has shown they have what it takes to supplant him as of now.

Work Ethic and Motivation

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    Rodgers' strong work ethic, patience and preparation are what got him to where he is today.

    After being doubted by scouts, passed over in the draft, and sitting behind Brett Favre for three years, he has more than enough motivation to rise to the top.

    His drive and desire to succeed will keep him among the elite even when his physical skills begin to decline.


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    Rodgers' best attribute is his consistency. He isn't up one week and down the next like many QBs in the NFL.

    In all nine of the Packers' wins this season, his passer rating has been over 100, tying a record set by Peyton Manning.

    Rodgers has also been consistently good from year to year. He's thrown for over 4,000 yards in each of his seasons as a starter in Green Bay, except for in 2010 when he missed roughly two games with a concussion.

    He's thrown for at least 28 TDs per season and with seven games left in 2011, he's already reached that mark. There's no reason his production should drop off after showing so much consistency thus far in his career and that will keep him atop the list of the league's best QBs for years to come.