New York Giants: Why Da'Rel Scott Should Be Playing

Pete Schauer@@Pete_SchauerCorrespondent INovember 15, 2011

Da'Rel Scott just might be the key to the G-Men getting back their Earth, Wind and Fire rushing attack.

Whether Ahmad Bradshaw's foot is ready to go this weekend or not, the Giants have a talent on the bench who has only been given one carry in nine games this season.

A rookie out of Maryland, Scott's 2008 sophomore campaign was highlighted by rushing for 1,133 yards and eight scores.  Although his production dropped over the next two seasons as he combined for only 1,133 yards in his final two seasons, Scott was plagued by a broken wrist as a junior and then was forced to share the backfield his senior year.

At the rookie combine, Scott blazed to a 4.34 40-yard dash time, the fastest of the combine.  Compare that to current NFL rookies Demarco Murray (4.41), Roy Helu (4.42), Kendall Hunter (4.53) and Mark Ingram (4.62).

Scott cemented his place as MVP in the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl and the 2010 Military Bowl by rushing for a combined 374 yards and four touchdowns on 27 carries.

Aside from being a speedy rusher, Scott is also a great option out of the backfield on passing plays.  In 2010, Scott took three of his 14 receptions to the house, including a 71-yard pass that went for a score.

In no way, shape or form am I vying for Scott to start against the Eagles, but I do believe he deserves some playing time, especially over D.J. Ware.

Now in his fourth season as a member of the Giants, Ware's career consists of 65 carries for 263 yards and one touchdown.  While that does equate to 4 yards per carry, Ware has a comparable running style to Brandon Jacobs. Scott, on the other hand, is comparable to Bradshaw (and look how that's worked out for them).


This past summer when Scott heard of Eli Manning's informal workouts being held at Hoboken High School, Scott made the extra effort to contact Manning and begin working out with the Giants' captain.

After working out with Manning and other Giants' offensive players, Scott impressed during the preseason.

In three preseason games, Scott rushed for 213 yards and two touchdowns, and had fans excited for the upcoming season.  Against Chicago, Scott was given one carry, but made the most of it, rushing for a 97-yard TD.  Then against New England, Scott took a fake punt snap for a 65-yard TD (view that TD here).

Given his talent, Scott should be integrated into the Giants' offense.  His pass-blocking can use a lot of work, but he's too fast and too talented to be sitting on the bench.

If Bradshaw misses Sunday's game, Scott would nicely fill the void of a lively running back, something that Jacobs just isn't capable of.